Saturday, 30 June 2012

Vegan Brands List

Welcome to the Vegan brands list on Ana goes green. This list includes brands that as well as being Vegan are also natural and/or organic or have free from properties. There are many natural and organic brands who offer vegan products, but only brands where the entire range is vegan have been included in this list:

Axiology:- Lipstick.

Beauty Without Cruelty:- Make up

Blue Labelle Skincare:- Skincare/Body care

Barefoot SOS:- Skincare and Body care

Botanicals Skincare:- Skincare/Body care

Evolve Beauty:- Skincare/Body care.

Heavenly Organics Skincare:- Skincare/Body care

Inika:- Mineral Make up.
Lippy Girl:- Lipstick

Living Naturally:- Body care/Skincare and Natural Cleaning products.

MUN:- Luxury skincare and Body care.

Mu London:- Skincare/Body care

Pai Skincare:- Skincare/Body care

Pinks Boutique:- Skincare/Body care

PHB Ethical beauty:- Skincare/Body care/Make up.

RawGaia:- Skincare and Body care.

Sophie La Giraffe:- Skincare/Body care
Suitable for Babies and Children.

Schmidts Deodorant:- Stick and pot versions.

Terreverdi:- Skincare/Body care

Tropic Skincare:- Skincare/Make up/Body care

**Note: I will aim to update this list at least once every three months. If you see any errors or know of any brands you think should be added feel free to get in touch** Last updated: December 2016


Thursday, 28 June 2012

Essential oil and Fragrance free skincare options

If you are suffering from sensitive skin and fragrance allergies and would like a list of brands who offer unscented and essential oil free options you have come to the right place.

Green People No Scent range - A wide range of options with no scent.

Gerlinde Naturals - Products made fresh to order, so essential oils can be removed from blends.

Myroo Skincare - Fragrance free superfood balm, Fragrance free Hand Treat, Fragrance free cleanser and Fragrance free Skin serum booster.

Weleda - Baby Derma range

Skincere - Small capsule collection of essential oil and fragrance free skincare.

**Note: I will update this list at least once every three months. If you see any errors or know of any brands you feel should be added to the list then please get in touch**

Thursday, 14 June 2012

Where to Shop: Natural, Organic and Ethical Directory

This is an online guide to Where to shop for Natural,
Organic, Free From and Ethical products. Obviously shopping locally where possible is best, but this list is hopefully helpful when that isn't a possibility:


Love Lula:- Green beauty boutique/Subscription box/Mum and Baby skincare/All price points. UK/Ships Int.

Look beautiful naturally with LoveLula, the world's natural beauty shop. Free delivery over £15. Shop now!

Content Beauty:- Green Beauty boutique.
London store and online. UK/Ships Int.

Cult Beauty:- Luxury and Niche Beauty. Green brands stocked. UK/Ships Internationally.

The Detox Market:- Green Beauty boutique. US/Ships Internationally.

Follain:- Green Beauty Boutique. US Only.

Space NK:- Luxury and Niche Beauty. Green brands stocked. Uk/Ships Internationally.

Integrity Botanicals:- Green beauty boutique. US/Ships Internationally.

The Choosy Chick:- Green Beauty boutique. US/Ships Internationally.

Glow Organic:- Green beauty boutique. Make up and Skincare. UK.

A Beautiful World:- Beauty/Mum and Baby/All price points. UK/Ships Int.

Bath and Unwind:- Niche Beauty boutique. Green options available. UK/Ships Internationally.

Only Naturals:- Natural and organic beauty boutique. UK. Get 10% off your first order with code ANA10. 

Beauty Expert:- Beauty Boutique. Green brands available. UK/Ships Int.

Beauty Bay:- Online Beauty boutique. UK/Ships Internationally.

Big Green Smile:- Beauty/Home/Lifestyle. UK/Ships internationally.

Revital:- Beauty/Lifestyle/Supplements. UK.

Farmaline:- Beauty/Online Pharmacy/Baby. Green brands available. Ships Internationally.

Natural Collection:- Beauty/Home/Lifestyle/Baby. Uk.

Nectar and Bumble:- Skincare/Stationary/Home. Bee themed boutique with a portion of the profits going to bee conservation. UK.

Sophia's Choice:- Beauty/Lifestyle/Baby. UK.

Beauty boxes and Subscription boxes

Boxwalla:- Bi-monthly subscription boxes. Beauty/Film/Books and food. US

Pure Natural box:- One off green beauty and cruelty free beauty and wellness boxes. UK. 

Latest in Beauty:- Beauty/Subscription box/samples. (Green brands available). UK.

Love Lula:- Green beauty boutique/Subscription box/Mum and Baby skincare/All price points. UK/Ships Int.

Individual brands

Green People:- Organic Skincare/Make up/Body care/Baby. UK brand/Ships Int. *Exclusive discount: Save 15% at checkout with code ANA15*

Pai Skincare:- Organic/Vegan Skincare formulated for sensitive skins. UK brand/Ships Int.

Neal's Yard Remedies:- Organic skincare/Body care/Essential oils and wellness. UK/Ships Internationally.

Bodhi and Birch:- Eco Luxury Bath/Body care/Skincare. Uk/Ships Int.

Blue Labelle:- Organic/Vegan skincare and bodycare. UK/Ships Internationally.

Almost Edible:- Skincare and hand crafted candles.

Lyonsleaf:- Organic Skincare and Bodycare. UK/Ships Internationally.

Mum and Baby

BabiPur:- Cloth nappies/baby carriers/Mum and baby skincare/Ethical clothing/Wooden and Eco toys. UK/Ships Internationally.

Frugi:- Baby and Children's clothing/accessories. Certified organic (Soil Association)/Cut for Cloth/Ethically made. UK/Ships Int.

From Babies With Love:- Baby and Children's clothing. Ethical/Eco and All profits to charity.

Tots Bots:- Reusable nappies and Accessories. Reusable cloth sanitary pads. UK.


Braintree Clothing:- Ethical Clothing. UK/Ships Internationally.

People Tree:- Ethical clothing and accessories. Uk/Ships Internally.


Abel and Cole:- Organic food supplies and Vegetable boxes. UK.

Planet Organic:- Food/Supplements/Beauty/Lifestyle. UK. Store in London.

Ethical Superstore:- Food/Home/Lifestyle/Beauty. UK and Ireland.

UK/Ships Int.

Reusable menstrual products

Earthwise Girls:- Reusable menstrual products/Eco-friendly living. UK.

**Some but not all of the links in this shopping directory are affiliate links, meaning I get a small commission if you choose to buy through these links. This doesn't affect the amount you pay**

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Greener Babies Guide

Everyone's idea of what is "green" will be slightly different, however if like me you wanted to try and use natural and gentle products where possible and reduce your environmental impact hopefully some of my recommendations below will be helpful.

Useful Posts:

Change bag Essentials (For the first few weeks)

Why I use Cloth Nappies


I recommend using simple and gentle products as much as possible during pregnancy. Natural moisturisers and oils are perfect for throughout pregnancy to support a growing belly. I used brands that had minimal essential oils and that were blended specifically for pregnancy:

Shop my favourites:

Nom Nom Skincare Relax oil - Pregnancy safe relaxing essential oils make this body oil beautifully relaxing.

Weleda Stretch Mark massage oil - A gorgeous oil that nurtures the skin and leaves it feeling hydrated and comfortable.

I tried not to splash out on lot's of maternity wear that will only be used for a short time. I picked a few key pieces from Ethical brands and made do mostly with what I already had in my wardrobe.

Shop my favourites:
Bravado Seamless nursing bra - (Review) A brilliant maternity and nursing bra, durable and can be turned in to a normal bra when you are finished with it, making it last longer.

Organic and Ethical nursing and maternity wear from Frugi - I particularly love the wrap tops which can be used throughout pregnancy and for nursing afterwards.


Babies use a lot of their equipment for a short period of time and they grow out of clothes rapidly. It's good for the planet and your wallet to source things second hand where possible, I found lot's of my friends where keen to pass things on and swap items. Magazines and baby retailers will tell you that you need lot's of baby items that likely will never be used. Here are some of the items I personally found pointless and avoided:

Plastic baby bath - These are made from plastic and only used for a matter of weeks. We used our sink until baby was bigger and then we switched to the main bath.

Bottle warmer - A glass jug hot water is perfect for heating up expressed breast milk and if you formula feed they recommend you make up the feeds fresh anyway.

A bumbo chair - We had one of these for baby number one, not only did he scream blue murder every time we put him in it, but he grew out of it fast. This time round we had a simple second hand bouncy chair, cheap and cheerful.

Below is a list of things I did find useful for Baby Green:

Beaming baby - Eco friendly disposable nappies. Kinder on babies skin and better for the environment, I found these perfect for taking to hospital and the first few weeks before we started using cloth.

SnuzPod Bedside crib* - (Review) Brilliant for breastfeeding mothers and getting more sleep. I really like that this brand uses safe natural materials for their mattresses and bedding. Great bedding options available in organic cotton too.

SnuzPod Bedding Set *- This sweet little bedding set is gender neutral and perfect for the SnuzPod. We loved the cloud design.

Mam Glass feeding bottles* - I prefer to avoid glass baby bottles because plastic can degrade and leach some of it's chemical components in to the milk, especially as they are heated. These glass baby bottles are safe, durable and I use them for feeding expressed breast milk.

Cheeky Wipes Reusable Wipes kit* - These wipes are the perfect kit for anyone already using cloth nappies. They are easy to use and save £££'s compared to disposable wipes, as well as being much better for the planet, just think of all the wipes and plastic packages saved from landfill!!

Skincare Favourites:

Petit Pai Body Lotion and Body wash* - Gorgeous wash and lotion, perfect for babies sensitive skin. Organic and Vegan.

Green People Scent free Mum and baby balm* - Perfect as a nipple cream for mum and as a dry skin balm for baby, this is one of my favourites because it is so versatile.

Post contains affiliate links (Affiliate links are marked with a *) please see my full disclaimer for details.


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Brand Directory

Brand Directory - Looking for a specific brand or review? Start here:



Aurelia Skincare


Bare Biology

Bloom Remedies

Bodhi and Birch


Beauty Kitchen


Bi-monthly subscription boxes. Beauty/Film/Books and food. US.


French Pharmacy brand. International. Cruelty free status - Currently sold in China.



Ere Perez



Fresh Therapies

Green People


H is for Love




Intelligent Nutrients

Jane Iredale


Kiss the Moon

Konjac Sponge

Kure Bazaar

Lina Hanson


Mio Skincare and Mama Mio


Previously known as Essential care. Organic certification - Soil Association

Organic Surge


Pommade Divine



Cruelty free status: Parent company - Owned by Unilever

Rossi Uvema

Skin and Tonic


Tropic Skincare




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