Saturday, 30 June 2012

Vegan Brands List

Welcome to the Vegan brands list on Ana goes green. This list includes brands that as well as being Vegan are also natural and/or organic or have free from properties. There are many natural and organic brands who offer vegan products, but only brands where the entire range is vegan have been included in this list:

Axiology:- Lipstick.

Beauty Without Cruelty:- Make up

Blue Labelle Skincare:- Skincare/Body care

Barefoot SOS:- Skincare and Body care

Botanicals Skincare:- Skincare/Body care

Evolve Beauty:- Skincare/Body care.

Heavenly Organics Skincare:- Skincare/Body care

Inika:- Mineral Make up.
Lippy Girl:- Lipstick

Living Naturally:- Body care/Skincare and Natural Cleaning products.

MUN:- Luxury skincare and Body care.

Mu London:- Skincare/Body care

Pai Skincare:- Skincare/Body care

Pinks Boutique:- Skincare/Body care

PHB Ethical beauty:- Skincare/Body care/Make up.

RawGaia:- Skincare and Body care.

Sophie La Giraffe:- Skincare/Body care
Suitable for Babies and Children.

Schmidts Deodorant:- Stick and pot versions.

Terreverdi:- Skincare/Body care

Tropic Skincare:- Skincare/Make up/Body care

**Note: I will aim to update this list at least once every three months. If you see any errors or know of any brands you think should be added feel free to get in touch** Last updated: December 2016


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