Tuesday, 26 March 2013

M&J London Candle: English Summer


Today I have a really exciting post to share with you about a wonderful brand that I discovered on Twitter. M&J London are a luxury UK brand created by two ladies Mira and Jennifer, who wanted to create a business that enabled them to be creative but that also held ethics and sustainability at it's heart. They created an amazing line of soy wax candles and I am beyond in love with the products and what I have learnt about them as a brand.

After replying to a tweet that M&J London sent out about candles made from sustainable ingredients I started chatting to one of the creators of the line Jennifer and she offered to send me a candle for review. I had a really hard time choosing, because all of the scents on the website sounded wonderful, but I finally decided to try the English summer candle* which is described as Cucumber, mint, strawberry and champagne.

M&J London's philosophy is exactly what I love to see from a luxury brand, there is great attention to detail in every aspect of sourcing ingredients and producing the candle. All outer packaging is certified by the Forest stewardship council and the world land trust, this means forests will be managed and replenished and that the Carbon footprint will be measured to ensure that enough replanting takes place.

The scents are bespoke and created by a perfumer from a mixture of essential oils and aroma compounds. The addition of Aroma compounds is to ensure the most ethical sourcing as they are sometimes a better choice compared to some essential oils, I was unaware of this until chatting to Jennifer and I thought this was a really interesting point.

M&J Candles burn cleanly thanks to a lead free wick created from cotton and linen. The wax itself is 100% soy wax which can be replaced at a rate that is comparable to consumption, I am not a big fan of eating lot's of soy products but it is a great choice for candles as a green alternative to petroleum based wax.

The glass which holds each candle is 100% recycled and can be re-used (Up-cycled) after the wax has burnt way, I think it will make a lovely makeup brush holder.

The scent of the candle is something really special, English summer was inspired by the first Pimms of the summer, that's exactly what sprung to mind when I read the description and it doesn't disappoint. There is something magical about summer in Britain even though it is often short lived, this candle encapsulates that magic perfectly. It is a sweet scent due to the strawberry but the cucumber and mint give it a freshness and sophistication.

If you are only going to invest in one candle this summer I think this is "the one", the smell is so evocative and as you can see the company itself is something very special. For me good quality scented candles are an essential part of my evening/weekend pamper sessions and I always have a candle on my bedside table.

As a final nod to the ethics and values of the company M&J donates (£1 for large candles and £0.50 from small ones) from every candle sold to Eaves charity for women.

The M&J candles retail for £23 for a small candle (which burns for a fantastic 30 hours) and £35 for the large (burning time 60 hours), so personally I think you are getting great value for money. You can find the collection here, all the scents sound wonderful and unique.

I have been really enjoying burning this candle in the evenings and I love that I can still smell it when I am in bed even if it is not lit, it burns cleanly and looks stunning.

I really enjoyed chatting to Jennifer about her company, her enthusiasm and passion for ethical issues comes through in the way she speaks about her products.

Ana x

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  1. Sounds like a beautiful candle and I like the ethics of the company :)

    1. It is lovely, I really appreciate great ethics especially on a luxury item like this. x

  2. Sounds like a gorgeous candle and great ethics from this company!

    1. It's a wonderful scent I absolutely love it. x

  3. I love the story behind these candles, can almost smell them from here :) I'll be checking them out! x

    1. They are amazing, I am curious about the other scents now, If you try any I would love to hear about it. x

  4. I have been sincerely OBSESSED with candles lately. It's starting to feel a tad unhealthy.

    1. You can never have too many, they make a room so lovely and cosy :)


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