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Angela Langford Sample service

(Photo courtesy of Angela Langford)

I love trial sizes and samples, I like to test things before I buy not only to see if they suit my skin but also to test whether I enjoy the product. My latest sample purchase has been from Angela Langford, I followed the brand on twitter and noticed they offered a free personalised sample service where you pay only for postage and packing. You complete a questionnaire about you skin concerns and the samples are chosen for you and sent promptly.

Angela Langford is a natural company that uses high quality natural and organic ingredients wherever possible, it is free from Petrochemicals, Synthetic fragrances and colours as well as paraben's. Everything is hand made in small batches in Somerset and where possible airless packaging is used to preserve the ingredients.

I really love that this isn't just another set of samples, the kit comes with lot's of information about the product ingredients and how they perform on the skin. There are thorough descriptions and instructions for use, a lot of thought goes into these little packs making them one of the best sample services I have used so far.

    The samples come in these individual bottles and wrapped in a pretty pink bag. I was sent:

Sweet Cheeks Cleanser: This is a very light cleanser a cross between a milk and a gel, it is non foaming and is mild enough to be used twice a day. This contains Rose Petals and Papaya to keep pores clear, it did a good job of cleansing my skin and it felt clean and fresh afterwards, I do wish you got a slightly bigger cleanser sample as you use more product in each use than you would an oil or a serum, but I did enjoy this and it was enough to test for a reaction.

Perfect Pores serum: This is a fruity smelling serum with a gel like texture. Designed to keep pores clear, this serum has Rose Petals, cypress, Juniper and Lemongrass as well as Hyaluronic acid for hydration. I was impressed with this serum and I will definitely be picking up the full size, I did notice a slight reduction in pore size, certainly enough to convince me to continue using the product. My skin is sensitive and I struggle to find suitable exfoliants which can lead to congestion, so I think this may be a useful addition to my routine and it smells delicious! Definitely may favourite product and perfect for keeping skin clear in the warmer months!

Bloom and glow facial oil: I adore the smell of this oil, it's a little bit like incense, spicy and warm. You only need a small amount so I feel like the sample size is more than enough to test whether it's suitable for my skin. I didn't notice any major changes to my skin with this oil, but it did maintain the condition of my skin nicely, if you don't already use a good quality oil I can imagine you would see a significant difference. I have so many facial oils at the moment to use up but I would buy this in the future.

I can see clearly now: Is a mild eye makeup remover, it has Argan oil and Thistle in it. I rarely use a separate eye makeup remover as I tend to take all my makeup off with a balm, but this was lovely and not irritating, I don't think I would buy the full size though as I already have enough cleansers to do the job.

    I am impressed with both the products themselves and the attention to detail that goes into providing this sample set and I will be looking at more of what Angela Langford have to offer, if you would like to take advantage of the sample offer you can do so here it costs £4.50 for postage which I think is a great deal for a personalised service. You can also follow the company on Twitter and Facebook.

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  1. Lovely brand! I tried the serum and face oil as Latest in Beauty luxury samples a while back x

    1. Good to know you like the brand too :) x

  2. These look fab, I too am a sample size fanatic... I love to carry lots of little bits about with me so they are perfect for handbags x

    1. Agreed I love to carry small sizes with me, especially hand cream x

  3. Looks lovely! I always love trying out sample packs before buying. It's such a good way to see if a product will work for your skin or not before you commit to a full product.

    1. I think samples are pretty essential really, I loved that these were personalised, it's a great service :) x


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