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Bloom Remedies: Facial toner and Shea butter body lotion review

    I was introduced to the small but perfectly formed Cornish brand Bloom Remedies a couple of months ago and great reviews of their products have been cropping up everywhere ever since, I tried their Rose, Geranium and Sweet Orange moisturiser previously and I was really impressed by this Soil Association organic brand so I decided to pick up some other bits to try:

Daily toner for normal skin with organic Rose, Orange and Geranium £8.99 (100ml): This is a lovely and refreshing alcohol free toner, it has floral waters of Rose and Lavender and essential oils, it feels soothing and refreshing on the skin which is good for me as I tend to flush easily and I like to apply a cooling toner before my moisturiser. I am coming to the end of this toner and whilst I did enjoy it I am still unsure of whether I want to repurchase, I think the sensitive skin toner may be better suited to my skin type.

Ingredients: Geranium flower water*, Rose flower water*, Lavender flower water*, Aqua, Glycerin*, Rose essential oil*, Sweet orange essential oil*, Geranium essential oil*, Citric acid. *Organic ingredient.

Shea Butter body lotion £6.99 (100ml): Scented with the essential oils of Sweet orange, Geranium and Cardamom this lovely lotion contains sweet almond oil, Shea butter and Meadowfoam oil known for it's antioxidant properties and wheatgerm oil to nourish the skin. This leaves skin feeling soft and nourished and is an ideal daily lotion.

    This smells divine! it will be a definite repurchase, I love the purity of ingredients and performance for the price, so many of the body lotions that I love contain phenoxyethanol and whilst and am not too bothered in small doses, with body lotion quite substantial amounts get absorbed into the skin so it's nice to have a couple that don't contain it in my stash. The pump packaging is very convenient and the smaller size would be great for travel.

Ingredients: Water, Sunflower seed oil*, Sweet almond oil*, Shea Butter*, Glycerin*, Meadowfoam oil*, Wheatgerm oil*, Glyceryl stearate, Cetyl alcohol, Cetearyl alcohol, Benzyl alcohol, Sweet orange essential oil*, Vitamin E, Beeswax*, Potassium sorbate, Cetearyl glucoside, Geranium essential oil*, Cardamom essential oil*, Xanthan gum, Thyme linalool essential oil*, Rosemary oil extract*, Citric acid. *Organic ingredient.

    I think this brand is such good value for money, I still have a discount code for them in the sidebar if you are interested in trying them out for yourself, if you click the image it will take you the site, for me they have become a favourite as they have great products with honest ingredients and affordable prices.

Ana x



  1. I keep seeing this brand come up on twitter and various blogs. Must check them out. (With that discount code, it would be rude not to!) Thanks for the lovely post. xx

    1. They are such a lovely brand really nice products that feel more expensive than they are and great ingredients, I hope the discount code helps, I am sure you will find something you like. x

  2. Ooh, this sounds lovely! It's nice to find out about new natural many companies out there are changing and becoming not cruelty free, using harsh ingredients in their products and don't really care about their customers...such a shame but this is why natural products are on the rise!! :)

    Layla xx

    1. It's nice to discover natural brands with genuine ethics and values and good honest ingredients, I really do like this brand for those reasons. xx

  3. Hello Ana,
    it sunds like a very nice brand to try and the packaging as well looks very authentic and natural..
    I will check out the website, thanks for the review :)

    Ila x

    1. No problem glad you enjoyed it, would love to hear your thoughts if you try anything. x

  4. It's so great to hear about other natural beauty brands out there. Haven't heard of Bloom before but I'll definitely be checking it out. Thanks for the review!

  5. Hi Ana,

    I'm Lisa from Germany and really enjoy reading your blog.
    I went absolutely nuts since my skin broke out (it NEVER did and I'm 28 -.-) due to stress, no sleep and major reason: discontinuing of the pill. I'm vegan and my major skincare IS organic, but admittedly I have neglected my skin of late (I was moving and working all day, I'm assistant director in theatre...)
    You really inspired me to order a toner and face oil from Bloom Remedies, I've never heard of them, but their ingredients list (and your praise lol) was veeeeery convincing. So is their price. Brilliant stuff, really looking forward to the parcel.
    So, I actually just wanted to thank you :)


    P.s.: I noticed you love Weleda, so do I! You MUST try the pomegranate body oil. It's incredible. I had very dry patches on my shoulders/ arms, almost eczema and after using it about five times it's gone. It smells rather citrus-y, but what it does is divine. Swear by it!


    1. Thank you for following and your lovely comment, Marie (from Bloom) told me she has received your order, I hope you enjoy your products, I adore the Weleda pomegranate body oil! It's one of my all time favourite products :). xx


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