Sunday, 27 October 2013

biOrganics Haircare

I recently spoke about products I use to keep my scalp in top condition but today I am talking about a gorgeous range that has been keeping my hair in great condition from the brand BiOrganics. I discovered the brand through twitter and they are a Janey Lee Grace award winner, professional haircare brands that use organic ingredients are few and far between so I was instantly intrigued by the products. They kindly offered to send me some products but it turns out that they are actually local to me so they were hand delivered to my door, which was a lovely personal touch. 

They gave me three products to test out which are sold on the website as the Salon Secret replenishing bundle, you can buy all the products separately too. The bundle retails at £35 which is brilliant value for salon products. Founded in 1991 the brand has a great ethos and were one of the first salon brands to use organic ingredients, they are Buav approved so you can be assured they are completely cruelty free. They use natural and organic ingredients wherever possible, this is a tricky thing to do with haircare and many brands avoid making haircare products altogether for this very reason so finding a brand that incorporates ethically sourced organic ingredients within effective formulations really made me very happy.The products are free from SLS/SLES, parabens, PEG's and formaldehyde. All the products I tested are beautifully scented with Ylang ylang  essential oil so they are free from artificial scents. 

The Salon Secret replenishing shampoo* (£11.50 for 250 mls) Is designed for dry hair, my locks can be quite unruly and I have never tried a shampoo that has managed to keep the frizz under control quite like this one. It is SLS/SLES free instead opting for gentler cleansing ingredients, I have a very sensitive scalp and was delighted when I found this didn't irritate it all, I still use other products alongside this specifically for my scalp though. It lathers up well and leaves the hair really shiny and strong you do get a just been to the hairdressers look which is lovely. 

The Salon Secret replenishing conditioner* (£15.50 for 250 mls) Is a lovely thick conditioner, it does a great job at de-tangling and nourishing my long wavy hair, anyone with thick hair will adore this treatment. It is best left on for a little while about ten minutes and it rinses out really well with no residue left behind. I use this as a weekly treatment for my hair, it contains organic Argan oil and vegetable proteins to restore and repair the hair. After using this my hair feels extremely soft and manageable and I find that I don't need to straighten as it leaves my hair really smooth too. 

Finally the Salon Secret Elixir* (£13 for 50 mls) is a lovely oil based styling treatment with coconut and Argan oils, as usual with these kinds of treatments less is more and you only need a really small amount to smooth the hair. If you have been looking for a more budget friendly and cruelty free version of Moroccan oil with this you are in for a treat! It is worth noting that this does contain some lighter silicones for those of you that completely avoid them, personally my hair needs a small amount to make it smooth and I use sparingly. This is really versatile and can be used on wet or dry hair, I can see the bottle I have lasting me a very long time and this has become my favourite styling product. 

I am really happy to get the chance to try out this line, If you are just making the switch to more natural haircare then this brand would make the transition a lot easier. Full ingredients list are available on the site as well which is always a bonus. You can find the full range of products here

   Have you tried this range? What did you think? 

Ana x

*Samples generously provided, all thoughts, opinions and beauty musings my own.



  1. Ooh these sound great! I've really struggled to find natural hair product that work for, so thanks for the review, will definitely check this brand out :) x

    1. No problem, I hadn't seen many reviews of them and thought they looked really interesting, you can find all the ingredients on the website which is great :) Xx

  2. These sound promising. I've been looking for some new hair care prodcuts so these could be worth a try x

    1. I really like them they have smaller sizes of the oil you can try too :) Xx

  3. These sound great, especially as I'm looking for new hair products to try and replenish my locks! Particularly like the sound of the elixir and replenishing conditioner. x

    1. They are lovely and should certainly do the trick! :) Xx


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