Saturday, 30 November 2013

Some current winter skincare favourites

There is no hiding the fact that I am an absolute skincare junkie, I write about it far more than make up and I love having a stash of skincare that I can dip in to depending on what my skin is telling me it needs. As the weather gets colder it is certainly telling me it needs moisture, so you will see a theme in today's skincare favourites and that is that all of these products add a really nice amount moisture to the skin, banishing the winter blues.

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Therapi organic honey skincare

I think it is safe to say the green beauty market is thriving, there are so many brands to choose from sometimes the selection is positively overwhelming.

Monday, 25 November 2013

Weleda Calendula range review

    There is one children's range that get's used in our house more than any other and that is the Weleda baby range. If you don't have children don't be put off, this is a brilliant range for sensitive skins for grown ups too. Weleda are a brand with real integrity and a long history in the natural beauty world, they are a pioneering brand who were using natural ingredients long before it became trendy to do so. I had the wonderful experience of going to a Weleda event a while back (See these posts for more details here and here) and I took the opportunity to stock up on some baby goodies in their shop. All of these products are real favourites in our house and get repurchased again and again. 

    The ever popular baby range was repackaged shortly before I went to visit Weleda HQ and I can confirm that the new packaging is not just cute with little ladybird which has stolen my heart, but is also really practical, which is really important with little ones. Each of Weleda's ranges has a key plant and for the baby range they have chosen Calendula which is known for it's healing and soothing properties. 

    Calendula Shampoo and body wash (£6.95 for 200 mls) is a rich creamy body wash which gently creates a lovely lather, this is such a versatile product, you don't need a separate shampoo and body wash this does a wonderful job of cleaning up grubby children from top to toe. The creamy formula is full of almond oil and sesame oil making it really nourishing on sensitive skins. I have bought so many bottles of this over the years it is truly a house hold staple. 

    The fragrance free calendula oil (£9.95 for 200 mls) Is a new product to the range and is a brilliant substitute for regular baby oil which is just petroleum based with no skin benefits. This just has two ingredients sesame and calendula and is a lovely soothing oil perfect for using after the bath or for massage. The dispenser for this product is genius it enables you to get just the right amount without spilling any of the product, I actually would love to see this packaging spread out to the other body oils in the range as it really is practical to use. I used this a lot to help my son after he had the chicken pox and it left his skin hydrated whilst the calendula helped with the healing. Big thumbs up from both of us for this one!

    The Calendula Bath (£9.95 for 200 mls) Is perfect for soothing itchy or irritated skin, unlike the body wash this doesn't add bubbles to the bath but it turns the water a milky colour once it has dispersed in the bath. It can look quite thick when it first comes out of the bottle, the key is to pop it in to the running water to help it dissolve. I use this for my little one if he ever has any dry skin or irritation, this works wonderfully to calm the skin and it smells divine too!

    The Weather protection cream (£7.95 for 30 mls) Is a thick cream with a balm texture, it is great for protecting little faces from the bitter winter winds and cold and it is also useful for any dry patches of skin on the face or body. I really love this and on occasions steal it for myself too, having said that I think this whole range is good for grown ups too if they wish. This has been getting a lot of use now in the colder weather and my son really likes the delicate sweet smell too. 

    Weleda is certified by Natrue and their baby range contains high percentages of organic ingredients, you can find all the full ingredients lists on the Weleda website including the percentages of organic ingredients in each formula. Whilst my little one is all grown up now when he was smaller I also used their nappy cream and chamomilla granules too so this range is one that I have used all the way through my babies life and one that is still a firm favourite now he is older. 

Ana x 

Sunday, 17 November 2013

Why I will buying less and giving more this Christmas


    It has been a while since I have written anything personal on the blog but there are a few things that have really made me think recently. The high street is already in full Christmas frenzy despite it only being mid November it feels like if you haven't already done all of your Christmas shopping that you are seriously lagging behind all the super organised folk who did all their Shopping in August and have already ordered their food, you know the kind. I have yet to buy a single present, I have a rough idea of what I want to buy but I refuse to enter in to the panic and frenzy of the buying season. I have been too preoccupied with other things. 

    The last couple of years haven't been easy for me, two Novembers ago I lost my mum shortly followed by my Grandfather in the first week of December. There is nothing quite like loosing a loved one to put life in to perspective, and I have never once thought I wish I had bought them more presents, but I am frequently plagued with the idea that I should have spent more time with them, that I should have told them I loved them more and that I should have created more memories...

    I have a son who I adore and of course he has lot's of presents under the tree and I love the excitement of putting out the whisky and mince pies for Santa and the carrots for Rudolph, nothing can quite match the innocence of a child. But what about those children who won't get a visit from Santa, who won't have a roast dinner with all the trimmings, the thought of it is almost unbearable. So this year I will still be buying presents of course (local, eco and organic where possible), but instead of wasting money on ridiculous things that quite honestly we don't need I will be thinking twice and giving my time to family members and relatives, making memories with my son that I hope he will treasure forever such as our yearly ritual of making gingerbread and decorating them and taking a moment to reflect on the things that are really important in life.

    Just turning on the telly you are greeted with news of disasters all over the world and people who have far more important things to worry about than buying the perfect Christmas present such as how will they feed their children or where will they live... Somewhere the meaning of Christmas became lost along the way, so to redress the balance I will be thinking of ways that I can give to others that go beyond the simple buying of presents. I will be putting together a parcel of food for my local food bank which is crying out for donations. Giving your time to elderly relatives who may otherwise be alone or taking the time to volunteer at a local charity are all ways that we can give more and buy less. If everyone does something to help another this Christmas we can redress the balance and make Christmas about so much more than just material things, we can make it about kindness for others. I would love to hear, what will you be doing to give to others this Christmas? 

Ana x

Saturday, 16 November 2013

Luxury Christmas gifts with Inner Soul Organics

    Inner Soul organics is a luxury aromatherapy range created by Emma Coleman in London, the range was created to be pleasurable for the senses, uses organic ingredients wherever possible and respects the environment. The products are never tested on animals and are uniquely designed to nourish the skin with ingredients such as omegas and vitamins. Emma also has a passion for literature and she adds a quotation to the label of each product, it's such a lovely unique aspect to the brand and it makes every product that little bit more special. Emma was kind enough to contact me and ask if I would like to try out one of the Christmas gift sets and she also sent me a lovely sample of her facial oil as well. 

    The mind, body, soul, serenity pouch* (£63) comes wrapped in a gorgeous white organza bag and with Inner Soul organics bespoke ribbon wrapped around it and is a stunning gift. Inside you get the Romance me skin oil and the Barefaced beauty natural serum, Emma chose perfectly for me because both of these products are just gorgeous.

    The Romance me skin oil is a decadent body oil scented with rose and jasmine, if you love floral scents like me then this is absolutely exquisite. It deeply nourishes the skin leaving it soft and smooth but also delicately scented which I love, it has sweet almond oil, sesame oil, jojoba oil and olive oil and it manages to deeply moisturise whilst also being light and quickly absorbed. I have to refrain to applying too much of this as I simply love the scent and I can see this becoming a favourite that I repurchase over and over again. The only thing that could possibly make this better is if it was packaged with a pump, but it is really only a minor detail. 

    The barefaced beauty serum is a lovely oil based serum that is packaged in an airless pump container, I adore a good oil and this blend contains some oils that I have not used before such as kiwi seed oil and camelina oil alongside some old favourites such as rosehip. The kiwi and the rosehip oil have high levels of Vitamin C which boosts the skins ability to produce collagen and it also contains squalane which is one of my favourite skincare ingredients for anti-ageing and adding radiance to skin. When this serum comes out of the pump you get quite a lot of product but my dehydrated winter skin has been drinking this up, I love to use this at night either on it's own or under a small amount of night cream and it has been helping to fade acne scars and even out my skin tone as well as being a pleasure to use. 

    I also received a sample of the Chia Light facial oil which is used as part of the bespoke blends service for sensitive skin, you are sent a questionnaire and Emma will design a facial oil to address your skin concerns that is completely unique to you based on your answers. I think it is such a fantastic idea, the service is more pricey than most ready made products at £95 pounds but having experienced the quality of Emma's products I would certainly be tempted to use this service myself. You also get a unique quotation on the bottle adding to that special touch, I would love it if someone was to arrange this for me as a gift. The chia oil has a lovely nutty scent, slightly earthy and it cocoons the skin in moisture, I have been using this in the mornings and helps with redness and soothes the skin. 

    I love the personal touches of the products and the quality is outstanding, all of the ingredients lists are readily available and the brand regularly works with charitable causes such as the Katie Piper foundation. Inner Soul organics is the kind of brand that I really wanted to discover when I started my natural journey and I am so glad I have, whether you buying for someone else or treating yourself the brand has a lovely selection and I would love to see it grow even further in the future. 

Ana x

*PR Samples: All opinions my own

Thursday, 14 November 2013

Benecos mascara and blush brush review

    Benecos are a new budget friendly green beauty brand on the block and I was eager to try some of their products as greener make up usually comes with a hefty price tag. The brand is BDIH certified and contains natural and organic ingredients. I bought two items the natural volume mascara and the blush brush both really well priced, and both are items that I have enjoyed. 

    The blush brush (£8.95) is vegan and made with synthetic bristles that are very soft, it is cut at a slight angle and is a great size for applying bronzer or blusher. It applies powders beautifully and washes really well with no shedding so far. The handle is made from bamboo which is a sustainable crop and it slightly shorter which makes it really good for popping in you handbag. 

    The Benecos maximum volume mascara (£6.95) is an absolute bargain for a natural mascara. It adds a nice definition to the lashes but I wouldn't say it adds lot's of volume or length, for me it's a good work day mascara and it lasts the day without too much smudging as long as I make sure to powder my under eye concealer. I have naturally quite long eyelashes but I like to make them darker and fuller, I would like some more volume from this but overall it's a good product for the price and I would happily buy it again. I like the wand and find it very easy to apply.  


    The photo shows just one coat of mascara, it can be built up but I do find you have to wait a little between coats. Overall I am very happy with my first Benecos experience and I have added the blushers and eye shadows to my wish list. The brush is superb quality and gets used everyday. Have you tried Benecos? What did you think? 

Ana x

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Organic Glam Citron Perfume

There is nothing quite so evocative as fragrance, it can transport you back to a certain time or place and it can have a powerful effect on our mood. I have been on the hunt for the perfect organic fragrance for some time and whilst I have found some lovely daytime fragrances I had yet to find the perfect more complex night time scent that could compete with more mainstream perfumes. That was until I tried this gorgeous scent from Organic Glam from the Organic Pharmacy. 

The Organic Pharmacy is well known for it's luxury high performance skincare and Organic Glam it's sister range has the most sophisticated range of organic make up I have ever seen, it's stunning to look at and the range has a timeless elegance to it that makes it incredibly appealing to a make up lover like me who uses organic products. I didn't realise there were fragrances in the line until my mother in law gave this to me as a gift, she is a fragrance lover and knowing that I love natural and organic products she chose this for me and I am incredibly happy she did. 

The perfume comes in a heavy art deco style glass bottle, beautifully packaged, these are real statement pieces the kind that you would want gracing your dressing table. I have Citron, but they come in five scents in total and I would love to add more to my collection. This is not your average citrus fragrance it is very sophisticated, one problem I have with organic perfumes is that sometimes they are not complex enough for my liking, this fragrance develops and changes over time and you can smell the different top, middle and base notes which I love. The lasting power is fabulous, again another complaint I have with natural perfumes at times, whenever I wear this I get comments asking me what it is, even hours after applying it. 

This combines Lemon, Bergamot and Morrocan Orange blossom and Ylang Ylang with base notes of patchouli and Neroli. It has a sweetness to it, followed by some warmer notes, I love how it evolves on the skin and keeps you guessing. The bottles are 100 mls in size which will last a long time, these are pricey at £120 each, but honestly they are absolutely worth it as you are getting a completely natural scent that is pure luxury. You can find the Organic Glam range here

Ana x


Sunday, 10 November 2013

Pinks Boutique luxury organics

After trying the luxury brand Pinks Boutique it soon became a firm favourite (See my review of the anti-ageing serum here) and I have since added a few more products to my collection.

Friday, 8 November 2013

New website launch: Sophia's Choice


    Regular readers of my blog will know I am a big on line shopper and I love it when I discover somewhere new to buy natural and organic products, today I am bringing you a new launch which I am very excited about and that is very special because it is a site created by fellow blogger and wonderful friend of mine Charlie Hughes who writes Sophia's Choice. I have been a fan of Charlie's wonderful reviews and honest musings since I discovered her via Twitter so when she told me of her plans to open an on line shop I knew her passion and enthusiasm for all things natural would mean she would select some amazing brands and I wasn't disappointed. 

    Charlie has covered all the family including teens and children with a fantastic choice of skincare, body care and nutritional supplements and has included some amazing brands many of which are firm favourites of mine such as Aeos, Live Native, Bodhi, Green People, Bloom remedies, Bathing Beauty, Mary Elizabeth, Love the Real You, Naturya, Organic burst, Pitta Patta, Child's farm, Herbfarmacy, Jack N' Jill and Wild Nutrition. 

    If you sign up to the newsletter you can get 10% off your first purchase on the site which is fantastic and I will be stocking up on products for my little one and myself. You can find Sophia's choice here and the newsletter sign up is here. Charlie is aiming to provide a personal service so if you have queries about products or need recommendations feel free to get in touch with her. 

Ana x

*Charlie has chosen to advertise Sophia's choice on Ana goes Green however I am not compensated in any way for this post, I am writing it because I believe the site is worth sharing with my readers. 

Thursday, 7 November 2013

New product love: Lyonsleaf natural and organic skincare

I was recently contacted by a company called Lyonsleaf who make natural skincare and body care with high percentages of organic ingredients which are completely waterless. I have talked before on the blog about waterless formulas, I use them a lot and they have a few benefits such as not needing lot's of preservatives and emulsifiers and being incredibly concentrated making them great value for money.

Monday, 4 November 2013

Green People gentle cleanse and make up review

 Whatever else I am using a cream cleanser is always a staple in my routine, they are great for using in the shower and they are perfect if you are low maintenance and don't want to use more than one cleanser. The latest cream cleanser to grace my bathroom has been the Green people gentle cleanse and make up remover and it has become one of my favourites.

Sunday, 3 November 2013

New Launch: 001 Skincare

 This week saw the launch of a new skincare brand in the UK and I have to say it has left quite a first impression on me. The brand is 001 (Double zero one) which was created by Aromatherapist and beauty therapist Ada Ooi.

Saturday, 2 November 2013

Handbag staple: Mendill organic towelettes

 On the whole I try and avoid using wipes wherever possible generally because of the ingredients and to avoid putting more rubbish to landfill, however sometimes when out and about you find yourself in need of a quick freshen up and these organic towelettes from Mendill are just lovely. 
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