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Weleda Calendula range review

    There is one children's range that get's used in our house more than any other and that is the Weleda baby range. If you don't have children don't be put off, this is a brilliant range for sensitive skins for grown ups too. Weleda are a brand with real integrity and a long history in the natural beauty world, they are a pioneering brand who were using natural ingredients long before it became trendy to do so. I had the wonderful experience of going to a Weleda event a while back (See these posts for more details here and here) and I took the opportunity to stock up on some baby goodies in their shop. All of these products are real favourites in our house and get repurchased again and again. 

    The ever popular baby range was repackaged shortly before I went to visit Weleda HQ and I can confirm that the new packaging is not just cute with little ladybird which has stolen my heart, but is also really practical, which is really important with little ones. Each of Weleda's ranges has a key plant and for the baby range they have chosen Calendula which is known for it's healing and soothing properties. 

    Calendula Shampoo and body wash (£6.95 for 200 mls) is a rich creamy body wash which gently creates a lovely lather, this is such a versatile product, you don't need a separate shampoo and body wash this does a wonderful job of cleaning up grubby children from top to toe. The creamy formula is full of almond oil and sesame oil making it really nourishing on sensitive skins. I have bought so many bottles of this over the years it is truly a house hold staple. 

    The fragrance free calendula oil (£9.95 for 200 mls) Is a new product to the range and is a brilliant substitute for regular baby oil which is just petroleum based with no skin benefits. This just has two ingredients sesame and calendula and is a lovely soothing oil perfect for using after the bath or for massage. The dispenser for this product is genius it enables you to get just the right amount without spilling any of the product, I actually would love to see this packaging spread out to the other body oils in the range as it really is practical to use. I used this a lot to help my son after he had the chicken pox and it left his skin hydrated whilst the calendula helped with the healing. Big thumbs up from both of us for this one!

    The Calendula Bath (£9.95 for 200 mls) Is perfect for soothing itchy or irritated skin, unlike the body wash this doesn't add bubbles to the bath but it turns the water a milky colour once it has dispersed in the bath. It can look quite thick when it first comes out of the bottle, the key is to pop it in to the running water to help it dissolve. I use this for my little one if he ever has any dry skin or irritation, this works wonderfully to calm the skin and it smells divine too!

    The Weather protection cream (£7.95 for 30 mls) Is a thick cream with a balm texture, it is great for protecting little faces from the bitter winter winds and cold and it is also useful for any dry patches of skin on the face or body. I really love this and on occasions steal it for myself too, having said that I think this whole range is good for grown ups too if they wish. This has been getting a lot of use now in the colder weather and my son really likes the delicate sweet smell too. 

    Weleda is certified by Natrue and their baby range contains high percentages of organic ingredients, you can find all the full ingredients lists on the Weleda website including the percentages of organic ingredients in each formula. Whilst my little one is all grown up now when he was smaller I also used their nappy cream and chamomilla granules too so this range is one that I have used all the way through my babies life and one that is still a firm favourite now he is older. 

Ana x 


  1. I love Weleda, especially their Skin Food. This range sounds perfect for my sensitive skin at the minute and the body oil has gone straight on my wish list! Great post Ana xx

    1. I love skin food too, the calendula range is very soothing let me know how you get on if you try it :) Xx

  2. I love Weleda and the calendula range sounds fab as always. particularly interested in the weather protection cream :) x

  3. I've never actually tried Weleda before, I've seen their range in a chemists but as I'm always using other products I tend not to purchase. This range sounds lovely, Calendula is brilliant for the skin and should be a real treat for babies, I might buy some in the future for my son. Thanks so much for sharing :-) xx

  4. Definitely am using this once I have kids :)

  5. oh man I adore this line so much. The cold weather cream is next on my list, especially for the brutally cold winters. xo

    1. I love it too, everything is lovely, the cold weather cream would be perfect for Canadian winters! :) Xx


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