Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Viridian Organic calming Moisture Balm

I have raved about the brand Viridian before, months down the line and whilst I have somewhat streamlined the amount of supplements I take the Clear skin complex has been a repurchase and continues to help my skin on a monthly basis. Today's post however is about another absolute gem of a product from Viridian, the Organic Calming Moisture balm.

Friday, 25 April 2014

New launches and green beauty news #2

I did one of these posts before and it went down extremely well so here is another round up of all the new launches and green beauty news for this week otherwise known as the best bits from my In-box! Let's start with the product launches: 

1. British Organic brand Neal's Yard Remedies is celebrating the 10 year anniversary of it's gorgeous Wild Rose Beauty Balm, one of my personal favourites from the brand with stunning limited edition packaging created by illustrator Alice Shields, the balm is available to buy May 2014 and I will be first in line to pick up one of these delicious multi-purpose beauties. 

2. As a home scent and candle obsessive these beautiful tea light holders from luxury brand Ancienne Ambiance really caught my eye, they are perfect for Spring/Summer entertaining and adding a splash of colour to your home. Ancienne Ambiance are a brand inspired by Ancient cultures and I always love that you can guarantee to find something different on their site, I also adore their skincare products too. 

3. Another complete favourite here on Ana goes green is Pink's Boutique, this organic brand have just launched two new body care collections: Invigorate which is a delicious blend of Wild Peppermint, Eucalyptus, Geranium and Lavender and Escape which is a blend of Sweet Orange, Neroli, Ylang Ylang and Patchouli. Both sound wonderful but I think Escape has my name written all over it! You can find the new collections here

4. Launching very soon from mineral make up brand Lily Lolo is a brow duo with a powder and a wax, sign up to the Lily Lolo website to be notified when it goes on sale. My eye brows are feeling a little neglected of late so this is great news! 

The brand launch of the week had to be British brand Bee Good, all things honey, propolis and Bee related are hot news right now and are making a splash in the beauty community, Bee good were off to a great start in my opinion by sending out the most beautiful press packs complete with handmade biscuits in the shape of a bee. After a week of use I am happy to say that the product is just as good as the packaging, I am absolutely smitten with this rich thick cream cleanser and you can expect a full review to come soon. 

With the Easter holidays there have been some great offers floating about the Internet here are a few that I think are too good to pass up: 

British Aromatherapy brand Bodhi and firm favourite here on Ana goes green have a sale on (this just popped in to my in-box now!) so hurry to bag yourself a real bargain as some products are up to 50% off in the SALE I think things will sell out quickly. 

One of my lovely Advertisers the Earth Works cosmetics have free shipping until the end of April and the lovely Sandra from Beauty Balm blog has an exclusive 25% discount code in her side bar, so there are some great savings to be had, I ordered two more body products which I will show you very soon as the coconut and lime body butter is one of my absolute favourite products of the year so far!

I am getting very excited about the A beautiful World Spring/Summer sampler box, these boxes always sell out quickly so if you think you may be interested in picking one up you have to register your interest and they will send you an email when the box goes on sale, I was up bright and early last time to grab mine 5.30 am to be precise! Register here

I hope you enjoy these little round up's they make a nice change from reviews to write and they allow me to share things with you that I think are interesting all in one place! 

Ana x 

Thursday, 24 April 2014

Snails safe polish for children

    Whilst babies and adults seem to be really well catered for in the free-from or more natural world children and teenagers are in my opinion are much less so, with very few brands catering to older age groups. When I was contacted by Snails - Safe nails I loved the concept, if ever there was a time when the precautionary principle should apply it's childhood, children's systems are delicate and still developing so the less (potentially harmful) substances they are in contact with in my opinion the better. Snails safe polish is water based and made with only three ingredients, water, acrylic polymers (a type of plastic which gives nail varnish the ability to adhere to the nail, this is a basic description but you get my drift) and safe non-toxic colourants. It completely avoids any of the ingredients in nail varnish which have been called in to question (Phthalates, toluene and formaldehyde) and has a very simple formula but one that gives surprisingly good results. I was sent two gorgeous pink shades a light pink with blue/purple sparkle running through it and a darker pink with a hint of silver shimmer. 

    I was keen to give these to my six year old niece as I knew she would just love them and I wasn't wrong. As soon as she saw them she set to work applying both colours. The colour selection that is available is gorgeous and there is bound to be a colour that appeals to any little girl, the bottles are Italian glass and both my mother and sister in law commented on how great they looked. My niece found these easy to apply herself, they come with instructions on how to get the most out of your water based polish. One coat looks great but of course if you want a more opaque finish you can use two, the thing with kids is they really aren't bothered about it looking perfect it is the fun of applying they seem to like the best. There is no traditional nail polish smell which is reassuring too. 

    The best bit about Snails is that for removal you only need warm water and soap or you can use a wet wipe, I dislike the idea of using drying nail varnish removers on little hands so I think that is a really great touch. The other thing of course is that children for the most part can't wear nail polish to school so this saves any Sunday night panic to remove. Snails Safe polish gets a big thumbs up from me and from my niece, I will be buying some more as presents as I just think it's adorable. 

    You can find snails safe polish on their site priced at eight euros a bottle or on Amazon for £8.95 a bottle, snails also have sites for Canada, Russia and France which are all listed on their site. This is undoubtedly a little more pricey than other nail varnishes but I think worth it. 

Ana x 

*The polishes were provided as a PR sample


Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Spring shades: Ilia's Karma Chameleon

    Ilia's tinted lip conditioners in Arabian nights and Bang Bang (See review here) have been well loved members of my make up bag since I bought them, the formulas, the packaging and the beautiful ingredients means that Ilia has become one of the most lust worthy green beauty brands available. I was recommended the lipstick crayons and I loved the idea of the easy twist up pencil format, buying one was a bit of a no brainer, who doesn't want one of these in their collection? The difficult part is choosing a colour.

    After much debate and review reading I decided to opt for a bright punchy colour for spring: Karma Chameleon which Ilia describe as "One of our brighter shades bathed in fiery coral hues" this colour is definitely not for the faint of heart but the results on the lips is stunning if you want something that will make you stand out a little from the crowd. The lipstick crayons are very pigmented, more so than the tinted lip conditioners as you would expect, I have yet to try the lipsticks (Any colour recommendations for me?) but I have seen other bloggers say that the lipstick crayons sit somewhere between those two in terms of their pigment and finish.  I really like the ease of use that the crayons give, I apply this straight on to the lips and the lasting power and feel are both very impressive, if you do need to reapply however it really is no hassle and who wouldn't want to get one of these beauties out of their handbag? I like that this can be applied lightly almost like a stain or you can get full on colour, for the most precise application I found filling in the lips with a lip pencil first and then using a lip brush best but if you are like me and not too concerned with precision straight from the pencil works just fine. 

    If you are tempted by the product but not necessarily the colour then I suggest you take a look at these other fab reviews and swatches that helped me to make up my mind about my Ilia purchases, Thanks ladies! 

Lily from Genuine Glow: Review and swatches of Dress you up and Call me.

Alexis from Green beauty bunny: Review video and swatches of Arabian Nights, Crimson and Clover, VoilĂ  and In Paradise.

    On to my swatch below, it is not the best quality photo but hopefully will give you an idea of what this bright pop of colour looks like on the lips. I have to say Ilia are certainly an investment in terms of their prices, whilst I am very happy with the shades I have I can't help but feel that my modest collection will unfortunately have to stay that way to save my bank account, but if you after a special lip colour these are great. The lip pencils retail for £20 and I tend to buy my Ilia from Being Content as they have the best colour selection I have found. 

    Are you an Ilia lover? What are your favourite shades? 

Ana x

Sunday, 20 April 2014

Guilt Free Sweet Treats

    Happy Easter everyone! If you are anything like me you will be happily tucking in to your own body weight in chocolate round about now and I wanted to share with you some gorgeous guilt free sweet treats that are all natural and delicious to boot. 

    MuLondon White chocolate Elbow, knee and heal cream* (£19 for 60 mls) Ever since I was introduced to this amazing product by the on-line boutique A Beautiful World I have been totally in love with this rich thick and nourishing cream. It smells just like white chocolate and is an exquisite blend of cocoa and shea butters and vanilla extract, yum! Ever since having this cream in my arsenal those unsightly patches of dry skin on my knees have been a thing of the past and as this is such a concentrated cream you only need a really small amount for super soft skin, bonus. 

    MuLondon White Truffle moisturiser (£15 for 60 mls) This is a lighter version of the Elbow, knee and heal cream that is multi-purpose and suitable for face and body. This smells just as delicious too but the scent is more subtle, I adore this as a night cream and it really kicks dry skin to the curb. 

    Our tiny bees bath melt (£3.95 for 60 grams) These cute little bath melts are shaped just like a bar of chocolate, just break off a square of the delicious Shea butter, cocoa butter and honey infused melt, poor yourself a lovely bath and enjoy this nourishing treat.

    Bodhi Cacao cocoon lip treatment balm (£15 for 15 grams) This gorgeous treatment butter from Bodhi is a cocoa treat with a hint of minty freshness that will leave your lips soft, supple and smelling divine. This treatment butter is incredibly light thanks to the fact that it is free of beeswax, if you don't want heavy treatments on your lips but suffer from dryness then this one is for you, the ingredients include cacao, murumuru and illipe butters, delicious. 

    Pure thoughts cocoa and orange lip scrub (£6.95 for 25 mls) I never had bothered with a lip scrub until my gorgeous friend Jenny from Red Head beauty diaries sent me this as a Christmas gift but ever since having it and using it once a week my lips are so much softer and smoother and it has become an absolute staple for me. This scrub combines sugar with cocoa butter, macadamia oil and Shea Butter and yummy orange essential oil, you only need a small amount to make your lips feel wonderful, the only negative to this product is that I have a tendency to eat it off my lips afterwards because it tastes so good, woops!

    Have you got any favourite natural sweet treats? I would love know your recommendations if so!

Ana x 

*PR sample, as always all opinions my own. 

Friday, 18 April 2014

Bee Yummy Skin food review

    I am really excited about today's review because it is of a really interesting product, in fact I don't think I have anything else quite like it in my skincare collection. Bee Yummy Skinfood* (£32 for 2 ounces) is yet another product that has honey as it's star ingredient, I couldn't live without my honey on my porridge and I definitely couldn't live without it in my skincare now either. 

    This product by New York based brand Live Live is a raw blend of some pretty incredible ingredients: Wild flower honey and honey capping's, as the honey is raw it is full of enzymes and vitamins and they are not destroyed by the heating process meaning more goodness goes on to the skin. It also contains Bee Pollen, Royal Jelly and Balsam fir needles, it uses all the ingredients bee's have to offer all with their distinctive properties. The Bee pollen is full of nutrients and is collected from a variety of sources such as apple trees and cherry blossoms. Royal Jelly is known for it's rejuvenating properties and is a highly nutritious substance which the bees use to feed and develop the Queen bee. This cream is preserved through the high honey content as honey has an infinite shelf life, whilst I obviously am happy to avoid preservatives I will make sure I use this within six months as I personally prefer to keep products like this with lot's of active ingredients as fresh as possible, the quicker it is used the less chance of contamination too. 

    This cream is very light and I think it is more of a multi-purpose product as I think it can be used as a treatment and also works well layered with serums and oils. The smell is heavenly, I can't really describe it but it is sweet and I can imagine it is the type of smell you would find if you were walking through a forest, it has a hint of freshness from the fir needles which are added for scent and for their antioxidant properties. I love using this as an extra boost for my skin, especially when it is not feeling it's best, it gives a real healthy glow and really makes your skin feel nourished. 

    I think most skin types could incorporate this in to their routine as is it very versatile. The texture once on the skin leaves a completely matte finish so I think anyone with an oily complexion would love this as a standalone product, for me I have to layer it with a serum or oil, I especially like it with the Indie Lee Squalane facial oil and I can see that combination getting a lot of use in the warmer weather when I ditch the heavier creams in favour for lighter alternatives. 

    I really love this product, the name really reflects what it does as it is food for the skin, I think it's really great for stressed skins and those who are prone to acne due to the healing ingredients, I personally use this several times a day when I have breakouts and am letting my skin go without make up to speed up the healing, this seems to really work wonders. You can find the Bee Yummy range at A Beautiful World there is also a mask and an eye cream in the range that look equally promising, did I mention that the range is a favourite of Georgia Jagger, that is quite a celebrity endorsement. 

Ana x

*Sample generously provided, as always all opinions my own.


Thursday, 17 April 2014

Giveaway: Indie Lee Clearing Mask

Yesterday was a very good post day, when this mask from Indie Lee popped on to my doorstep from the fabulous on-line boutique A Beautiful World I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to share some love and give it away to one of my readers. I LOVE Indie Lee products, everything I have tried has been superb, the Squalane Facial oil and the Calendula eye balm as far as I am concerned are beauty must haves whether you use natural products or not.

This clearing mask has a host of skin perfecting powerhouse ingredients such as Salicylic acid, glycolic acid, colloidal sulphur and zinc oxide making it perfect for blemish prone skin. I love a bit of at home pampering and I can imagine this mask to be perfect for those times when your skin isn't feeling at it's best.

Indie has an amazing story, she has survived a brain tumour and come out of what is a horrible situation incredibly positive and growing a business that she believes in, I want this giveaway to be all about positivity, it is all too easy to get sucked in to a negative thought pattern and situation and I myself really needed to be reminded of that too this week.

So to enter the giveaway all you have to do is fill in the Rafflecopter below, please read the full terms and conditions and fill it correctly as any entries will be verified when choosing the winner. The only mandatory option for entering is leaving a comment, tell me what you do to stay positive when you are in a negative situation, all other options are for extra entries. Good luck!

Terms and conditions of the giveaway: This is an international giveaway, all entrants must be 18 and over, the winner will be chosen by the Rafflecopter and notified within a week of the competition closing. The prize will be sent out via Royal Mail delivery and will be tracked. The competition closing date and time are available on the Rafflecopter.


Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Green Beauty and Science: Does one devalue the other?

There have been many many times when I have questioned my decision to blog, to put my thoughts and feelings out for all to see on internet but no more so than this week, you would think being a blogger is all testing products and taking pretty photos but believe me when I say there is so much more to my passion and what keeps me writing than that, especially as I write about green beauty. I spend hours reading cosmetic legislation and ingredients lists, I thoroughly research everything from packaging to ingredients before something makes it on to the blog and I often have to admit to myself even after hours of research that I don't have all the facts or that I still haven't made up my mind 100% which isn't easy to do. I have had heated discussions with brand owners who were not happy that I had chosen not to feature them, but ultimately I always go by what my gut instinct tells me to do, if something doesn't feel right I won't feature the product and I have gone so far as to make amendments to posts when something new has come to light even if it is uncomfortable. The truth of the matter is that choosing greener products shouldn't be something that is seen as an alternative lifestyle it should be much more the norm because the benefits of buying from some of the companies available on an environmental and personal level are so great it really should be an easy decision, but if that is to become a reality I feel there are some changes that are needed both on behalf of companies and consumers. 

The cosmetics industry growth in the area of natural and organics seems to be very healthy, just looking at the amount of brands available is completely overwhelming, as consumers we have never had as much choice  as to what cosmetics to use. Whether you are an ingredient purist or just someone who likes to to use more natural products then you are well and truly catered for with the exception of a couple of elusive products, in fact I have a green beauty cabinet that is positively overflowing with goodies at all different price points. But there is a but coming.... the industry as a whole whilst emerging as strong due to consumer demand fails itself on a regular basis through the fact that some companies still perpetuate myths that have been found to be wrong by science. Now I am not a science nerd I don't even think I am very good at it, but what I love is hearing conclusions and how those conclusions were reached, that knowledge to me is power and power that we as consumers desperately need, so I want facts and most importantly I want to know WHY my products work or don't work. 

I recently shared some blog posts which I think make some interesting points, they are both written by Lorraine who writes the Herb and Hedgerow blog and who is a green beauty expert and cosmetic scientist amongst other things. The first post is called Can your skin breath? and it un-picks what the industry means by the term, my favourite part of article and the reason why I personally shared it is because it looks at comodgenity (pore clogging to you and I) and how the comodogenic scale came about. Now I often hear individuals say that something breaks them out, we know our skin and can gage our reactions to products, but what about when a brand markets their product as being lightweight and "not clogging your pores" well you would hope they had some scientific reasoning to back that up wouldn't you. Well what Lorraine points out and the same information came be found here on one of my other favourite science based blogs, is that the main comodogenic scale which is used to determine whether something clogs your pores or not was devised way back in 1979 using an experiment on Rabbits Ears. In a time where animal experiments are being banned it is quite a horrific thought, even without getting too much in to idea that extrapolating results from animal studies to humans has always been a difficulty in science, so essentially the comodogenic scale is great if you are a rabbit, not so much if you are a human. So where am I going with this... well in a lot of disciplines these days we are required to use evidence based practice (including in my own chosen field of work), evidence that it works and evidence that what you are saying is correct and in my personal opinion green beauty should be no exception, faith alone will not make an industry thrive, although on a personal level it may help a little, if we are striving for the industry to be built on strong morals we need it also to be built on truth. The second post I shared is called The myth of chemical free cosmetics and again it points out a commonly perpetuated myth that because you use green beauty products you can avoid all chemicals (everything has a chemical composition including something as simple as water, making the term "avoiding chemicals" completely redundant), now I see no harm in talking in layman's terms as a member of the public but when it is evident in cosmetic marketing or used by people putting themselves out there as an "expert" on the topic then that is much more troubling because you are adding to the misinformation that already exists and already makes navigating the cosmetics world so hard, we all have a responsibility to ensure we are not doing the industry harm and a responsibility to be informed wherever possible. If we allow loose terminology to be used like "chemical free" we are opening ourselves up to companies adding in all sorts of ingredients which may or may not be good for us because they may well assume that as consumers we are not well informed, we are leaving ourselves open to be misled. 

So you see, do we want to trust a company who is claiming their products to be "non-comodogenic" without any evidence to back it up, or the company who claim organic but don't have any way of tracing their ingredients, or the company that simply tells us their skincare is "free of chemicals" but then has no ingredients listed on their site making it impossible for us to know what is actually in the products? It really shouldn't be this hard, but unfortunately as I have said before in previous posts we are navigating an industry where the natural and organic claims are virtually unregulated and for that reason we need to be smart. I have seen claims this week from a member of the green beauty community (specifically another blogger) that some of these articles being shared and this evaluation of what the terms really mean somehow devalues our beliefs in green beauty. I honestly was completely shocked and astounded by this and here's why: whilst historically the two may not seem to intrinsically to go hand in hand the green beauty industry needs science to make it thrive, to ensure the products out their are safe and the data to back up product effectiveness which is going to support and promote the industry, if you look at some of the most highly used ingredients in natural skincare the benefits are well documented and there is scientific research to back their use up, they are not chosen by coincidence they are chosen because otherwise the products wouldn't sell as they would have no effect. On a side note to imply the community has one united view which could be in jeopardy is also quite ludicrous (I most certainly have my own opinions on most things and I am not afraid to share them even when they are different from others) but I think you get my point, science will not threaten green beauty, but improper use of it and naiveity most certainly will. 

I wish I didn't have to constantly research products, worry about their safety assessments if they are handmade and  constantly have to question every marketing claim, but believe me when I tell you it is my love for some of the brands and people in this community that I have met along the way that make me want green beauty to thrive, for green beauty to be valued highly and for it to have the spotlight it deserves. If I wanted a popular blog I would blog about Loreal or MUA products which are cheap as chips in the drug-store, but I always wanted this to be my space to fulfil my passion so it's not about popularity. If anyone has ever misinterpreted my passion for snobbery, well then honestly I have failed at this blog and it may be time for a rethink. We can choose our products because instinctively they feel right for us, but brands cannot market their products on instinct or for that matter irresponsibly, that is when you discover some true horror stories such as people being advised to drink neat essential oils (dangerous practice especially unsupervised) or to just use Homeopathy for a life threatening illness with no other medical help (although it fits in more with the wellness category you get my drift it leads you down a dangerous route). 

It may not be fun to some but science is very much part of the way forward for green beauty, even if at times the scientific process is flawed or if we haven't got all the answers we want. If there was an enemy to green beauty I would say it is most certainly the pitfalls of the industry itself rather than science and I hope that we can all work to change it. 

Ana x 

Monday, 14 April 2014

Nourish Revital-Eyes eye cream review

    There is a fair amount of debate in the beauty world about whether it is necessary to use an eye cream and when you should start. Some people say that these days most moisturisers are formulated to be suitable to be used around the eye area too, but I have always been a big fan of using a separate eye product that is specifically designed for the problems you will get in that area, mostly dark circles and fine lines but I also have to always be very mindful of finding products that are suitable to my sensitive eyes. I am a fan of Nourish skincare they have great ingredients at budget friendly prices when you compare them to other equivalent brands and in particular I keep going back to their Hydrating peptide serum which is a personal favourite. The brand has great green credentials and is widely available on line.  

    I have been using the Nourish Revital-eyes Biometric Eye cream* (£30 for 10 mls) for the past couple of months as a morning eye cream, at night I still use my beloved Indie Lee Calendula Eye balm which I struggle to part from and adds a bit of extra nourishment that I find I don't get from a cream. I have used a few eye creams from natural brands that I enjoy, some do a great job of brightening, others are more soothing and nourishing but this one from Nourish is a good one if you want a cream that tackles a little bit of everything but don't have any major concerns. I would consider it a great first eye cream and is perfect if like me in your early thirties and need an eye product but don't have heavy issues with either fine lines or dark circles but rather want something that can tackle both. 

    The ingredients list is interesting to take a look at, the star ingredient is Kale extract, now there is no doubt in my mind that eating Kale is good for you but you don't see green vegetables pop up in skincare all that often, I think it is an emerging trend, I have seen some brands from across the pond start to use quite a lot of Broccoli seed oil so I think it is something we will see more of. As for the Kale itself it is full of Vitamins A,C and K and has been found to have an anti-inflammatory effect, as it is not used by many companies I couldn't find any data or evidence to backup the claims Nourish makes about using it in it's eye cream but I certainly have no qualms about putting Kale on my eyes as I simply love it on my plate. The other thing to note about it's ingredients is that this is not a short and simple list, this product is definitely more of a fusion of more scientific ingredients such as peptides with some of the classic natural ingredients such as Argan and Rosehip, I personally find that appealing but if you are someone who will google every ingredient on the list this may well overwhelm you!

    Now for the results themselves, this is a very light textured eye cream, I really like the way it sits under concealer and eye make up, it provides what I find to be the perfect base and leaves no greasy residue. As I have already said I didn't have many fine lines to start with but I am after prevention and you can really see the difference in the hydration under the eyes, it does offer some brightening effect, enough for me to be very happy to continue to use but the results weren't spectacular although I think they did get better the more I used the product. It is a little more pricey than some of the other eye creams I enjoy ml per ml but I personally wouldn't hesitate to pay out for this cream as the ingredients are a little more high tech than those I have used before and I would be curious to see the effects even longer term. I can see myself repurchasing once I have finished up my current eye products.

   What do you think, Eye cream yay or nay?

Ana x

*PR sample as always all opinions my own.


Saturday, 12 April 2014

Green Beauty: New Launches for spring

Spring is here with it's air of renovation, with new flowers popping up in the ground and the sun peeking through the clouds, it is also a time for a bumper crop of new beauty launches, here are just some of the ones that have caught my eye: 

Aurelia Skincare Firm and Revitalise Dry Body oil (£48 for 100 mls) I just can't help it, Aurelia are a brand that make me want to part with all my hard earned cash, they make products that have a truly luxury feel and they all smell divine! I am a big fan of the Cell Revitalise day cream (See my review here) but I have found some of the facial range a little too scented for my delicate, reactive skin, so when I saw they had launched this stunning oil for the body I was over the moon heavenly scented skin here I come.

Ilia Lip conditioners and Finishing Powder Two new limited edition lip conditioners have arrived and as a big Ilia fan they made my heart do a little flutter, you have Hold me now which is a pretty muted baby pink and Jump which is a bright pop of magenta both are £22 from Being Content and I have been resisting the urge to buy Jump since I first saw it, how long that will last I do not know... The last Ilia launch is a finishing powder called Fade into you priced at £30 this powder comes packaged in a lovely looking refillable powder brush. Not sure about anyone else but I have had bad experiences with these kinds of brushes in the past, scratchy bristles and leaky powder or even worse no powder that comes out at all, but I can't help but feel Ilia's offering will be different as everything they do comes with meticulous attention to detail and gorgeous quality, this powder is officially on the wish list!

RMS Mascara's volumizing and lengthening (£24) Cult beauty brand RMS have launched not one but two mascara's and the green beauty world has been going a little crazy for them, I love my RMS products so it's safe to say these have gone on the mascara's to try list, after all aren't we all on a permanent quest for THE Holy Grail mascara and these could well be it. 

Finally I am finishing with a new British brand launch, a new Organic brand that has been some months in the making is Yours Truly Organics which launches tomorrow, the founder is Kelita Bignall and she has formulated her products based on her own struggles with her skin. The range has some interesting looking products and sleek packaging, I have been in contact through email with Kelita whilst she was developing the products and she seems incredibly passionate about what she is doing, in particular the Face base face balm which has a some lovely ingredients to really nourish the skin, cocoa butter, jojoba oil and even the more exotic cupuacu butter this sounds like a real skin nourisher well worth a look.

Have you got your eye on any new launches? 

Ana x 

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