Saturday, 28 June 2014

Enhance your well being: Therapie restore Aura spray

One of my biggest rave reviews has to be for the Therapie Himalayan detox salts and as you can see from the photo I am still a fan and have my jar topped up at all times.

Monday, 23 June 2014

Product love: Bodhi and Birch Lime Blossom hand serum

I have been eagerly awaiting the latest Bodhi and Birch release ever since I had a sneaky preview some time last year.

Saturday, 21 June 2014

Everyday Essentials: Base

The second instalment in my everyday essentials series is all about base products. Something that comes up a lot when people transition to more natural products is finding suitable make up options and I do think it is a very tricky subject.

Thursday, 19 June 2014

Natural Haircare: The Body deli shampoo and conditioner

 I am developing a deep love for the Body Deli, this month I have been loving their Creme de Rose which I will review another day but for now I am going to have a little rave about their Shampoo and conditioner.

Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Brand Focus: MuLondon beautiful organic skincare

Oh MuLondon... how I love thee with your gorgeous creams full of Shea Butter, coconut butter and jojoba oil, the beautiful scents, the dreamy textures... I have raved about MuLondon's white chocolate knee, heel and elbow cream (review) and now I am on my second pot (with another one as a back up) it is easily one of my favourite products of all time, so I was keen to try more from the range.

Monday, 9 June 2014

Living Nature make up remover

 Make up removers and I don't always have the best of relationship, the Micellar water trend passed me by after I tried a couple and just couldn't get on with them, I tend to find oils extremely effective for make up removal but there are times when you want something quick and easy that will remove your make up without any residue, for example when I am just popping to the gym and want to get rid of my mineral foundation in a hurry.

Sunday, 8 June 2014

Everyday essentials: The Neutral lip

Whilst I do like a brighter lip, on an everyday basis I am quite wedded to some of my more neutral options. These three products are all easy to wear, work well for my skin tone and I find I can pull them off with little make up on the rest of my face, anyone else find some colours you really need to have some blush or bronzer on to avoid looking like a zombie? I don't have that issue with these. If I am at work or just doing the school run I will often just pop on some concealer, powder and a slick of something on the lips. 

Saturday, 7 June 2014

Nanshy Vegan make up brush review

When it comes to make up brushes I am fairly loyal to my Real techniques and Lily Lolo brushes but I am always on the lookout for other brands to add to my collection. When I had the chance to try out some brushes from Nanshy I was eager to put them through their paces. I have a preference for synthetic brushes, not only are they cruelty free but I find them to be easier to wash and more hygienic as the synthetic bristles don't seem to trap dirt in the bristles in the same way that real hair does. Nanshy brushes are 100% synthetic, vegan and PETA approved.

Thursday, 5 June 2014

Beefayre Tahitian Vanilla and Chilli Pepper candle review

    I am not quite sure what it is about candles that I find so comforting and familiar but I rarely have a day where I don't light one. I was shopping on my local high street and found this cute little candle from Bee Fayre in Whitestuff and I just couldn't resist it. I actually can't find this particular candle on the Bee Fayre website but they have lot's of other lovely scents to choose from, as well as a variety of skincare and other Bee related products. Bee Fayre is another British brand who are Bee Keepers and who use honey, beeswax and propolis in their products, Bee Fayre donates 3% of their profits from their handmade products to Bee conservation, their design on the products is so beautiful and it is that that first attracted me to this candle. 

    This Tahitian Vanilla and Chilli Pepper Votive (£7.50 for the small candles) although small, burns for a surprising 25 hours, it is made from a blend of natural waxes and has a beautiful Bee design etched on the glass. This is too pretty to throw away and I will be reusing mine for cotton buds when all the candle is gone. Bee Fayre don't mention whether their fragrances are from essential oils or from fragrance oils on the site (Edit: Depending on the blend Bee Fayre use both, those that have EO do say on the individual sections) but this is a very nice sweet scent, the Chilli Pepper gives it a warm edge and makes this candle a little different, slightly fresh but peppery at the same time. The candle has burnt very cleanly and I have been very happy with it, the scent throw is very good considering the size of the candle and the blend is very comforting. 

    I have a wish list as long as my arm from the Bee Fayre site, but for now I am very happy with my first purchase from the brand, if you are a candle lover these pretty candles are a lovely addition to anyone's home. Have you tried anything from Bee Fayre? What should I try next?

Ana x 


Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Balmology Post shave soothing balm review

    With Father's day just a couple of weeks away in the UK I thought it was high time that I shared with you a review of a lovely product that you are going to want to introduce the men in your life to. The Balmology Triple action Post-shave balm* (£25 for 50 grams) is the newest addition to the range, if you don't yet know this small capsule collection of beautiful products you are missing out, Catherine makes her natural balms and oils in small batches from the best natural oils, which are organic and ethically sourced. I love the comfort balm and the cleansing balm so expect more Balmology reviews to come. 

    Obviously I have had a little help testing the post shave balm as it is intended for men and my husband who is prone to shaving rash was more than happy to help. He has been using this balm after every shave for a month and he has been impressed with the results:

    "This product is different to any other I have ever used before, you only need a small amount and it does a great job at taking away any irritation from shaving, I have barely made a dent in the pot so it is also great value for money and a good addition to my routine".

    This balm contains a blend of Argan oil, hazelnut oil, jojoba, Shea butter and Avocado to nourish and soothe the skin. Essential oils of Frankincense, which is purifying, Sandalwood which is antibacterial and alleviates the itching from shaving and green mandarin which reduces visible pores also give it an earthy scent that is light enough to be unisex. I have noticed how calm and smooth his skin has been since using the balm, no shaving rash at all which is great. This also doubles as a moisturiser, always good when a product does double duty. 

    Balmology products are all waterless which means there is no need for synthetic preservatives and there are no harsh ingredients added, gentle and deeply moisturising this balm is sure to appeal to most men. If you are looking to introduce the man in your life to a great natural and ethical product Balmology is a fantastic start and one they are sure to enjoy.
Ana x

*Sample generously provided, all opinions belong to myself and my guest writer AKA the Husband.

Monday, 2 June 2014

More from The earth works cosmetics

    My collection of products from the Earth works cosmetics is growing, I received two of their products for review and I loved them both (review) and despite not really needing any more body products I gave in to temptation and ordered two more of their body melts, as I was keen to try more from the range. I have found that the Earth works cosmetics delivers consistently good products for a great price point, the ingredients and packaging are great and the products are all a pleasure to use, in terms of quality these products perform on par with brands that are priced in a far higher price bracket in my opinion and for that reason I keep coming back for more. 

    I ordered the Lavender and sweet orange body melt (£12.50 for 80 grams) and the Lemon Geranium body melt (£4 for 40 grams) both of these are completely waterless and made up of a beautiful blend of oils and butters like macadamia, cocoa butter and Shea butter. I love the melt consistency of these of products I have been really happy with how soft and smooth they make my skin and as long as you use sparingly (so important with waterless formulas not to overuse!) then you will not be left greasy but just nourished and protected. The lime and coconut body butter is one of my favourite scented products and now the Lavender and Sweet orange melt comes a close second, it is soothing and relaxing especially before bed. The lemon and geranium is not one I would repurchase purely because it is mainly geranium and not enough lemon for my taste, I was hoping for something more zesty however performance wise it's great and I will use and enjoy my jar. I love these smooth melts they are such a pleasure to use and would be a great addition to a pamper evening or just for every day use. 

    I was also lucky enough to win two other facial skincare products in Ria's giveaway recently, I have been testing lot's of face products recently and I haven't been able to use these as much as I would like, so this will be more of a first impressions than a full review. Even so I can say the quality of these is also fantastic. The Rose face moisturiser (£14 for 40 grams) is a very rich cream perfectly suited to dry skin like mine, I reached for this a couple of times when my skin was very dry and flaky and it did a fantastic job at sorting it out. This is very light on essential oils and has a gentle formula so I was very happy using it on my sensitive skin, I can see this being a real favourite next autumn and the great price point means that is it one I would likely repurchase. I will update you on how I get on longer term in another post. The next face product is the Regenerating face serum (£17.50 for 25 grams) I love a good oil and despite having far too many on the go I couldn't resist giving this a little test, it adds a beautiful glow to the skin and has a slight brightening effect. I have been using this after a face mask and also on some nasty burns that I had from cooking, I am pretty confident that thanks to this serum they will not scar which is great. This is a blend of Argan and rosehip with essential oils simple but effective for drier and more mature skins, it is quite highly scented there is ylang ylang, sweet orange, patchouli and clary sage in there which makes for quite a sweet fragrance it's not one I would reach for on a daily basis but it is a nice occasional treat. 

    Head on over to Beauty Balm's Blog to get a great discount code if you fancy indulging in the Earth works cosmetics, Ally's products have become a firm favourite for me. They are also stocked at Sophia's choice who advertise on my side bar. Have you tried the Earth works cosmetics? 

*Ally has kindly provided me with my own code now too, AGG25 enter at check out for 25% off*
Ana x

*Both The Earthworks cosmetics and Sophia's choice advertise on my sidebar but links are not affiliated, I recommend them as a customer and a blogger.
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