Saturday, 25 October 2014

Heaven scent: a touch of the exotic

It's no secret I am obsessed with scents, they have a powerful effect on my mood and I will often choose my body care based on which scent combination I am I going for that day.
Inspired by my weekend pamper sessions I thought I would share with you a new series: Heaven scent, where I round up my favourite products according their aromas. This week for the first instalment I have chosen to look at the most exotic products in my cabinet, those that remind me of precious flowers and that often inspired by eastern plant varieties and their scents. Here are some products I adore:

If we are going to talk exotic scents I couldn't not include Bodhi and Birch in this line up, starting with their Jasmine Falls body moisturiser which combines the gorgeous and exotic Jasmine with honeysuckle and high altitude lavender, I never tire of the way Elijah Choo the founder mixes his scents and for that reason this is one of the products from the range that I have permanently in my beauty cabinet, if you are looking for something special this is the range to go for. Another product I have yet to be without since I tried it is the Flora Paradiso De-stress massage oil which is one of the most beautiful and precious oils I own, fragranced with the most beautiful combination of Ylang Ylang, high altitude lavender and cedarwood amongst other essential oils all in a very light and nourishing oil blend. I use this oil sparingly and enjoy the gorgeous fragrance as well as it's skin softening properties.

I discovered this little balm from the brand hHom in a local shop and fell in love with it's combination of coconut oil and jasmine so much I couldn't leave it on the shelf, I like to add this to extra thirsty areas after using the Jasmine falls moisturising 

The brand La Sultane de Saba does amazing scents inspired by cultures from around the world, the Malaysian moisturising hand cream is my latest product to try from the brand and the scent is simply incredible. Bursting with Champaka a sweetly scented tropical flower from Malaysia as well as Ylang Ylang, orange blossom and rose, as well as using it as a hand cream I also like to apply a small amount to the insides of my wrists and use it as a perfume. As far as natural ingredients go this is paraben and petroleum free with plenty of lovely natural ingredients but isn't as clean as I would like with a couple of ingredients I would usually avoid, I have to say despite this I find this brand to be amazing and well worth looking at if you love exotic fragrances especially. They have plenty of waterless products to choose from too that are just pure natural ingredients. 

Last but not least the Pinks Boutique Indonesian inspired hand balm (£21 for 50 mls) is one of my all time favourite products, not only is this rich and soft balm a pleasure to use but the scent combination is absolutely heavenly too! Sweet orange, Ylang Ylang and patchouli come together in this luxury treatment certified organic by the Soil Association. 

Ana x 

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  1. I am obsessed with my scents too! I think they have such an effect on your mood and really enhance using a product xx

    1. Such a key part of it especially when there is so much choice I think Xx

  2. I love the Bodhi & Birch Flora Paradiso well as the Ginger Brew one too! Not a fan of the jasmine lotion though (don't hate me ;P) and I just passed that onto Tamara in a little swap we've done together :) lovely series, looking forward to seeing what else you post about :) x

    1. Ha ha! Your funny I would never hate you, although that Jasmine lotion told me you had hurt it's feelings but now it is moving on ;) Glad you enjoyed the post, will see what other scents in my collection inspire me Xx

  3. Oh I loved this post, I love a nice smelling product<3 xx


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