Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Luxury beauty: Kimia Facial Rejuvenating system review

 If there was one beauty product that has become an absolute essential in my routine it's a good facial oil, I love using different combinations of ingredients depending on how my skin is feeling. I think if you are looking for a product that is healing, nurturing and will leave your skin look it's best, a good quality oil will do all that and more. One of the oils I have been testing lately is part of the Kimia Rejuvenating facial system* (£74 for 30ml and 100 ml), Kimia are a UK brand that specialise in high quality natural formulations that are results driven and particularly beneficial for dry and mature skins.

    I have been using facial oils for some time now but have never come across a system that is two products designed to work together in the way that Kimia is. The first step is the all natural face oil, this really feels like a luxury product, the scent is beautiful and the oil absorbs well even on it's own without the accelerator. The ingredients are all tried and true natural oils grapeseed, sweet almond oil, rosehip, calendula and the slightly more exotic Marula and cranberry oils are all in there as well as Rose flower oil and neroli. The most unusual ingredient in this oil blend is the Witch hazel as usually it's an ingredient you find in toners rather than oils as it is usually the water that is used, Kimia use both the water version and the leaf extract, one in the oil and the other in the accelerator. The recommended amount of oil is minimum six drops, I found that amount great post facial or when my skin was thirsty but I do believe in altering this to what suits you and Kimia says this too, often I will just add a couple of drops to my skin pre-moisturiser in the mornings. The next step is to mist with the accelerator, Kimia say that using the accelerator helps the oils to penetrate the skin more deeply, applying face oils on to damp skin is something I have always done for this reason. For every drop of oil you use one spray of accelerator, whilst I adored the oil I do have more mixed feelings about this product, the ingredients are quite heavy with organic grain alcohol and peppermint water, I found using as directed quite drying on my skin type despite the other lovely ingredients in contains. After some experimentation I found using half the amount of the accelerator to oil was perfect for me, it leaves a lovely finish to the skin and meant the oil was very quickly absorbed leaving no residue behind. Despite my reservations about some of the ingredients and the quite complicated blurb around using the accelerator I can't deny that the accelerator definitely does it's job really well, if you dislike oils sitting on the skin then this product may well change your mind about using them. 

    Given the price point of this product I would like to be able to buy the oil separately from the accelerator if I wished (currently only available as part of the kit) as some of the ingredients in it can be aggravating to Rosacea which is a concern I am developing. As for performance since introducing this product (I have been using it for over two months now) I have noticed some significant softening of some lines on my forehead that were becoming more noticeable, so if lines and other signs of ageing are your main concern I would say this is worth the splurge, if you are in your twenties with perfect skin, this one isn't for you, you simply don't need it. The oil also ticks the skin softening and glow giving boxes but you would expect that from an oil of this quality. The brand also has an eye serum available which looks interesting as I know lines around the eyes can be a tricky concern to address, given the performance of the oil I would have high hopes for the eye serum too although my area is fairly smooth so not something I will be testing out. If you have the right skin type and budget Kimia are a lovely luxury option, they look and feel the part, but I would advise caution with the accelerator for very sensitive skins. 

Ana x 

*Sample generously provided, all thoughts, opinions and beauty musings my own.



  1. Sounds interesting, I've yet to ever try this product but the oil especially sounds great, such lovely ingredients. And I definitely agree with you, a good facial oil is essential. I will definitely have to check this brand out!

    1. Would love to hear your thoughts if you do! :) Xx

  2. Looks like a great system to use - interesting concept x

    1. I haven't seen any other system like it, it definitely has a luxury feel to it Xx


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