Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Skincare Hero: Weleda Citrus Hand and nail cream

As much as I adore autumn it does terrible things to my skin, luckily for me I have an arsenal of brilliant skincare for every occasion and the Citrus hand and nail cream* (£9.95 for 50 mls) from Weleda is top of my reach for list for extremely dry hands and skin. This product has been available in Europe for some time now but has only made to the UK site a couple of months ago, perfect timing if you ask me as this is definitely going to be an autumn/winter skincare hero although it is great for any time of year. 

Weleda Skinfood already has a cult following and it is a personal favourite of mine, the best foot cream I have come across and a great multi-tasker it is closer to a balm than a cream but is incredibly nourishing. This hand-cream does share some resemblance to Skinfood and if you are already a fan of the dark green tube then I urge you to give this one a try too. It is slightly lighter in texture and fresher in scent than Skinfood but shares all of it's comforting nature, you only need a very small amount and is great not only for hands but also feet, elbows and knees or anywhere in need of extra care. 

The reason this hand cream packs such a moisturising punch is due to the high wax content, Beeswax, carnauba and lanolin are all incredibly moisturising and great for your nails. Weleda have also managed to sneak three of my favourite botanicals in there too, Chamomile, calendula and viola which is also found in the iconic Skinfood. I like to think of this hand cream as Skinfood's younger sister with all the goodness but not quite so rich, the formula is incredible and as with all of Weleda's products you know you are buying from a brand with great ethics and a rich history of creating organic products. This hand cream is another brilliant product from Weleda, it definitely get's my seal of approval. 

Ana x 

*Sample generously provided, all thoughts, opinions and beauty musings my own.


  1. Love the look of this, especially as its citrus based! I found SkinFood too rich but from your review, this might work better for me x

    1. It's a lovely hand cream, still on the richer side but not quite as thick as Skinfood I know they have samples available so I would start with one of those just in case :) Xx

  2. What would you say the scent is like? Sounds like such a nice hand cream xx

    1. The scent is citrus from the lemon with a slight herbal edge to it, nice and fresh! :) Xx


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