Thursday, 4 December 2014

Green beauty news and releases #13

This is the last Green Beauty news now before Christmas, most brands will take a break from new releases ect... anyway and I will bring you a Green Beauty news in the New Year dedicated to Sale bargains ect... These have been such fun to write and thank so much to everyone who has read and commented on them, it's the interaction that makes blogging what it is. 

A Beautiful World has free shipping during December and a very sparkly Christmas shop, if you are still in need for presents or stocking fillers or if you want to treat yourself there is a great selection and generous reward scheme which I love. 

Melvita are another brand I recommend for green beauty gifts and stocking fillers and they have just released a gorgeous perfume to add to the collection too, L'Or de Bio (£36) which I am lucky to have a sample of and it smells divine! I will have a full review up sometime this week but wanted to mention it as Melvita are consistently impressing me with their products and new releases. 

Whilst I adore this time of year all the extra jobs I have to do can take their toll so I will be relaxing in a bath with the new to the UK Weleda Arnica Muscle soak (£12.95 for 200 mls) which has a blend of Arnica, Birch, Rosemary and Lavender to sooth aches and pains and provide a thoroughly relaxing experience. 

You may remember me raving about Bare Biology Omega 3 a few months ago, well the range has now expanded to include capsules and a Omega 3 designed for children. I have repurchased since the review and take it daily as does my son and the benefits for health and skin are just fantastic. Also now sold in Space NK I highly recommend you try it if you are looking for highest quality fish oil. 

Spanish brand Matarrania have released a new regenerating range, I just adore their products and the new additions look simply fantastic, there is a two new serums one firming and one with rosehip and olive oil and a new toner with rosewater and rosehip perfect for dry skin. 

Thank you to Pemberley Jones for bringing these STUNNING new Alima Pure Velvet lipsticks to my attention, I love the colour selection and think they will be a big hit, there doesn't seem to be a UK Stockist yet.. come on UK sort it out, but PJ recently started offering international shipping.. be still my beating heart. The Velvet lipsticks cost $26 each and you can find detailed swatches and lot's of other brands on the site too. 

A little update on the oh so pretty Tata Harper Lip and Cheek tints that I featured previously in a green beauty news post, they have now landed at Content along with some of the prettiest Christmas wrapping ever, I adore the selection especially of great British brands if you want Eco-luxe Content has you covered. 

There seems to be a an exciting trend with green beauty brands opening brick and mortar stores and two of my favourite brands have opened up in London. Ancienne Ambiance has opened a boutique in Chelsea and Neom Organics have opened a store in Wimbledon, I also here there are wellbeing treatments on the way from Neom which makes me very excited in deed! Congratulations to both brands! 

Last but not least congratulations to Acure Organics and SW Basics of Brooklyn who have both announced they are now stocked at target! This is amazing news for green beauty and signifies a distinct change in the industry, it will mean these brands will be available to a wider audience and will make pricing more competitive.  

Ana x 



  1. These all sound amazing! I'd love to try Melvita, Bare Organics, and the new Alima Pure Velvet Lipsticks (the colors are gorgeous!).

    1. All great choices I am itching to try those lipsticks :) Xx

  2. Ooh yes would love to see a news post on all the New Year sale bargains! I'd love to go to the NEOM shop and be able to smell all their lovely scents xx

    1. I think that would be heavenly a Neom shop! I am such a big fan of their range :) Xx

  3. Green beauty in Target, oh yeah!! :D I'm also eyeing those Alima Pure lipsticks and that Arnica Muscle Soak sounds like something I really need :) xx

    1. I know, we have turned a corner! Those lipsticks would look amazing on you and the muscle soak sounds brilliant :) Xx


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