Sunday, 15 March 2015

Organic Surge Extra care smoothing serum review

This week I have already talked about Organic Surge once (see my thoughts on the rest of the range here) today I have a review of the Smoothing serum which was kindly sent to me by green beauty superstore Naturisimo.

The serum comes in a heavy glass bottle with a pump, I appreciate the fact that the pump dispenses the perfect amount of product which is something that doesn't happen all that often. The texture is a thick gel which is unsurprising since the product has Aloe Vera as the main ingredient, it also has seaweed, sodium hyluronate and Madagascan Para-cress extract which is said to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and environmental damage. The serum is 99% natural and the Aloe Vera used is organic. This serum does contain alcohol, I am assuming this is to help the penetration of the active ingredients in to the skin although I will admit I haven't asked anyone at Organic surge if that is the case, it is often why it is used in serums. Personally I didn't find my skin suffered any detrimental effects from the alcohol as a ingredient even though sometimes it is said that it can be drying, personally I think this is because the rest of the ingredients in the product really do their job well and it is the only product in range with it in.

This serum is the surprise stand out of everything I have tried, I found it be more than just your average hydrating serum as it gives a lovely glow to the skin without the need for adding heavy products. I am looking forward to using this in the warmer months where I think it will come in to it's own thanks to the Aloe Vera. My favourite way of using it at the moment is to apply a pump to slightly damp skin mixed with a few drops of the replenishing facial oil also from Organic Surge and the combination is just perfect for tired and devitalised skin. I can't comment too much on it's ability to reduce wrinkles due to the fact that I don't (yet) have any, but I will say I definitely noticed that this serum has smoothed my skins texture and look forward to the results with continued use.

Green beauty details: 99% natural and 91% organic, Organic surge claim to be cruelty free, no parent company and do not sell in China. Certified organic by Ecocert. No parabens, mineral oil, phthalates, PEG's or Phenoxyethanol. This serum is suitable for Vegans. Made in the UK, recyclable packaging. 

A very nice addition to the Organic Surge range, the new packaging and formulations are really taking the brand to the next level. Naturisimo ship Internationally for free (amazing!). 

Ana x 

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  1. Great product, I like natural cosmetic and I like to make it too.
    My favourite is Naturabox beauty box with fresh handmade cosmetic.
    Best regards an I invite you to visit my blog.

    1. Thanks Olga! I will take a look :)

  2. Too bad it contains this much alcohol, so unfortunetely not a product for me.

    1. I know a lot of people avoid it where possible, I only use it in selected formulas :) Xx

  3. Hmmm I wouldn't be sure about this with so much alcohol in it. xx

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  4. I'd love to try this serum, it sounds lovely!


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