Saturday, 13 June 2015

The Happiness list: May/June

I have seen quite a few people do these lists and adore reading them. I for one can go all to easily to a negative head space and so wanted to share with you some things that are making me happy lately

Home made sushi: Sushi is simpler to make at home that you would think and also much cheaper! I have been eating avocado and smoked salmon Sushi like it is going out of fashion this month, you can see my efforts below, not magazine style presentation, but really really tasty!

Home improvements: We have been on a long road for the last two years doing up a house that was essentially falling down when we got it. Slowly but surely after lot's of work things finally seem to be coming together and I am really happy with it. We still have one room to go but I will be forever grateful for my husband's patience whilst we decide on paint swatches and I grumbled about not being able to find things. 

Simple reminders: This is one of my favourite quotes, whenever things are hard I remind myself that this too shall pass and that anything worth having in life is hard. I was having a conversation with a girlfriend who was telling me she was scared to get in to a new relationship and I rolled this one out for her too, we have spent many hours together contemplating life by the sea:

Bees buzzing: We have been so occupied with the inside of the house that the outside has been a little neglected, still there are lot's of wild flowers growing and I have been really pleased to see plenty of bees buzzing about. I managed to snap this little one on the move, who knew they were so hard to photograph? 

Karate red belt: I signed my son up to Karate lessons after asking him what activities he would like at the weekends. He got his first coloured belt this week, it's red and he was so proud of himself!

What has made you happy lately? 

Ana x 


  1. Aww that bee pic, great shot!!

  2. Mmmm sushi and avocado, yum!<3 xx

  3. Nice post Ana! Congrats to your son! I used to do Karate but I stopped at the Green belt. I want to start training again though....I remember seeing purple or brown belts little kids practising... and they were all trully impressive!x

    1. Thanks Audrey, he seems to enjoy it which is the main thing. I hope you get to practise again soon Xx

  4. I love these type of posts too. It's one of my favourite ones to write. My headmistress in primary school wrote in my autograph book "anything worth doing, is worth doing well" I let this mantra run through my head while tackling my overgrown allotment! x

    1. I so agree with her! Problem is trying to decide what to do first, I always take on too much! Xx

  5. I love these sort of posts! Your homemade sushi looks amazing, you should definitely share your recipe/method! I have a feeling my husband and I will live by the sea one day xx

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  6. I die for sushi, only with if I could make them at home...phew! please do try to post an easy-peasy recipe of making sushi :)

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