Sunday, 30 August 2015

Introducing Purabela

Always nice to be able to introduce a new brand especially when that brand is as great as Purabela. With only two products this is a small but mighty collection made by the lovely Leah

"At every step, health comes first. The health of animals, our customers and the greater environment. The result is refreshing, effective products that do not compromise. Because neither do we. The PuraBela team works hard to bring you the best because we believe you deserve nothing less." (From the Purabela website, read more

I will admit to not having heard about this all natural brand from San Francisco before Leah reached out to me to try her products, but boy am I glad she did. 

First up we have the Supreme body scrub* ($34 for 6.75 oz) A beautiful citrus and sugar body scrub with avocado, apricot and argan oils. What I like about this scrub is that it is nourishing without being too heavy on the skin and leaves only a minimal moisturising residue. The fresh citrus scent, thanks to the orange, bergamot and grapefruit essential oils is wonderful to wake you up in the mornings. Grapefruit is one of my favourite scents and a little underrated and underused I feel. 

As much as I really like the scrub the real winner of a product is the Creme deodorant* ($12 for 2 oz). There are a few reasons I love this deodorant so much, if you have read my tale of three deodorants post where I compare, efficacy, texture and scents of three other cream deodorants you will see that I have been taking the deodorant testing pretty seriously, especially as I am someone who is naturally fairly sweaty (gross and TMI maybe but true!). Starting with the scent, this has a beautiful fresh, non-intrusive and my opinion unisex scent, it's barely there but very pleasant, a bit like freshly washed laundry. Next the application is extremely easy, unlike something like Schmidt's which has a tendency to crumble this comes out of the pot easily and is extremely smooth, which makes applying it to your armpits that little bit more pleasant in the mornings. Also unlike some of the other deodorants I find this gentle and can use it daily with no itching or rashes despite it having baking soda, I can only imaging this is because it is tempered with coconut oil and arrowroot powder as well. As for efficacy, this has been lasting all day on me no problem, it works no doubt about it. 

For those of us in Europe I took a look at postage and it really isn't extortionate, so as long as you are not stung by customs charges it still works out cheaper than other brands. I have quite a few other deodorants to use up but as soon as I do I intend to repurchase this one as it is simply one of the nicest I have used. Purabela is a brand well worth a look, have you tried Leah's products?  

Ana x 

*Indicates a sample was generously provided, all thoughts, opinions and beauty musings my own.


  1. Sounds nice Ana! would love to give it a go!x

  2. The deodorant is on my wishlist now! Looks really nice x

  3. I haven't come across this brand before. Both sound lovely. I love citrus based products too x

  4. Looks gorgeous! I follow the brand on twitter but not one I've tried yet x


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