Sunday, 1 November 2015

Believe Beauty breakfast cereal from Fushi

Can a cereal be beautifying? Whilst there is of course a strong link between what we eat and our skin I did initially struggle with the marketing of this Believe Beauty breakfast cereal* (£4.50 for 450 grams) by Fushi Wellbeing. However after trying the product regardless of it's beauty claims I have to say I think this is a fabulous and very tasty cereal. I have tried a handful of products from Fushi's skincare range and was incredibly impressed, you can see my review of the Really good hair oil and lipbalm if you want to find out more. The brands variety is very impressive, there are lot's of cold pressed oils, skincare and even super foods, so something for everyone with a interest in green living and health. They also have top notch green credentials and take great care with their sourcing and packaging, exactly what I like to see from a brand. 

The Believe beauty cereal is a delicious granola that is packed with vitamins, minerals and superfoods and when I say delicious I really do mean it as I am notoriously fussy about these things. With a base of British oats the cereal also includes honey, dessicated coconut, wild picked Canadian blueberries, baboab, goji berries, as well as pumpkin  and sunflower seeds. As all cereal is, this is quite sweet so rather than use it as my daily breakfast I keep this for a treat morning or to curb sweet cravings by pairing it with some yoghurt and fresh fruit. It makes a satisfying snack or breakfast. So where does the beauty element come in? Fushi say: 

Key benefits of Believe Beauty Cereal
• Selenium, Zinc & Biotin for normal hair maintenance, 
• Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Zinc, Niacin, Biotin & Iodine for normal skin maintenance
• Vitamin D, Vitamin C and Magnesium for normal teeth and bone maintenance
• Selenium, Zinc, Copper, Manganese, Vitamin E and Vitamin C which contributes to the protection of cells from oxidative stress.
• Vitamin B6 for the regulation of normal hormonal activity.
• Source of Protein & Fibre
True deliciousness only happens when the ingredients are of high quality. All our wonderful ingredients are sourced from the best we can find. Whether it’s our home grown British oats, to our Sri Lankan coconut or our wild hand-picked Canadian blueberries, it’s definitely all the good stuff.
At £4.50 a packet this does work out pricey, although not much more expensive than other products of it's kind that you would find in the health food shop, but there is a bulk buy option which works out substantially cheaper so you could potentially save that way. I really enjoyed the product, the beauty element of the marketing seems a bit of a stretch but it seems like a healthier treat if you are someone concerned with healthy eating and as with everything Fushi the quality is really high.

What do you think, beauty cereal, a good idea? 

Ana x 

*Indicates a sample was generously provided, all thoughts, opinions and musings my own. 


  1. I would keep something like this as an occasional treat due to the sugar content x

    1. I agree with you, it is absolutely delicious though and makes a great snack :) Xx


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