Friday, 18 December 2015

Wellness: Healthy eating in Pregnancy

Like most pregnant women I suffered from morning sickness in early pregnancy, making it hard to eat a healthy balanced diet. I supplemented with a multi-vitamin and tried to stay hydrated, but in early pregnancy I did loose weight, which isn't uncommon. Now that I am over twenty weeks, the sickness has faded and trying to eat healthily has a whole new set of challenges, with cravings and feeling extra hungry making it easy to overindulge in things my baby and my body simply don't need. 

Baby brand Organix have recognised some of the struggles that pregnant women face and have launched a guide to eating well in Pregnancy. The e-book packed full of advice and suggestions is free to download and you can do so here. I thought I would share some of my favourites with you and how I am going to be implementing them to make the rest of my pregnancy as healthy as it can be. 

If like me you are struggling with cravings for things you probably will want to limit, take a look at this fantastic Junk food swap guide that Organix have developed: 

I really love their suggestions and have been buying bottled fizzy water for when I crave a soft drink. This swap also means you can avoid all the artificial sweeteners which are used in some of those products. Rather than sitting and eating a bar of chocolate, melting a small amount and then dipping in pieces of fruit is also another of my favourite swaps, it is filling and nutritious as well. 

Cravings aside I have been trying to add in more of the nutritious foods, I especially love dark leafy greens such as Kale, packed with iron. We all know oily fish is a brilliant source of Omega 3 and essential for the babies brain development as well as your own wellbeing, personally I choose to supplement with a high quality blend suitable for pregnancy as well as getting some of my intake through food. 

I know with the festive period coming up I will be indulging at times, as we all do. But I will be trying to return to eating as healthily as possible shortly after. Organix has lot's more advice, recipes and facts about eating well in pregnancy as well as nutrition for children which you can find on their website

Are you struggling with eating well during pregnancy, did you have cravings? 

Ana x 

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