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Antonia Burrell cleansing oil and cream supreme review

I don't think it's any secret that I am a big fan of the holistic skincare line created by facialist and skincare expert Antonia Burrell, so highly do I rate the products that if I had to choose only one high end brand to splash my cash this would be it.
I have written in depth reviews of most of the line, including Mask Supreme and Luminous light, Pure Therapy Facial oil (with before and after pictures), Forest Dew and Radiant Light. You can also find more information about the brand in my Conversation with skincare expert Antonia Burrell and How to perfect your skincare routine posts where Antonia kindly shares some of her insider information.

I can been kindly sent some more Antonia Burrell products to try from Beauty Expert, so I have reviews of the other two products that complete the range, let's get stuck right in!

Cleansing is one of the most important steps in any skincare routine and Antonia recommends you start with her Natural glow cleansing oil (Comes in three sizes, prices start at £29.50). This cleansing oil will please a lot of people due to the fact that it emulsifies completely with water and turns in to a milk, rinsing off clean and allowing you to skip a flannel or a muslin cloth if you wish to. The cleanser has a castor oil base and with sesame and wheat germ and has a really good amount of "slip" making it perfect for facial massage. It is quite highly scented considering it is a cleanser, I know having spoken to Antonia she doesn't formulate specifically for scent but rather uses essential oils for their therapeutic properties. In this case we have a mix of cypress, tea tree, lavender, lemon and bitter orange. Cypress is astringent whilst tea tree is know for it's purifying qualities, lemon is included for it's brightening properties, whilst some people are very concerned about using citrus oils I am happy to use them in a product like this that is washed off the skin as there would be little chance of them interacting with sunlight to cause a reaction.

This cleanser will remove all make up, but honestly at this price point I reserve it for use on my skin with make up already removed as I feel that gives the actives more of a chance to work correctly. This cleanser absolutely lives up to the claim of giving a glow and the whole experience feels special when you stop to inhale the essential oils and take time to massage it in to the skin. Aside from the high price point, my only negative would be that I wouldn't recommend it for extremely sensitive or compromised skin, due to the potency of the essential oils included. For me it works best when my skin is normal to dull or a little congested, not sensitised in any way.

The other product I have been testing is the Cream supreme (£68 for 50 mls) I had high hopes for this product and it hasn't disappointed. It has a gloriously light texture, very refined, something that can't always be said of natural moisturisers which sometimes can feel a little heavier due to the lack of silicones and other conventional ingredients. It is also very good on break out prone skin, in fact whenever I have a breakout I always reach for the luminous light, Pure therapy serum and this. Despite the light and refined texture my skin didn't lack moisture at all when I used this, it also layers really well not just with the rest of Antonia's range but also with other brands. Whilst acne is not my primary skin concern these days, I have been treated to some break outs due to those pesky pregnancy hormones and one too many Terry's chocolate oranges over Christmas (my own fault I know!) and I felt this moisturiser did help to treat and soothe acne. I think what's nice about the Antonia Burrell range is that it addresses variety of concerns so is suitable for someone like me who may want to treat break outs but doesn't want to compromise on the look, feel and quality of ingredients they use. I will be the first the admit that I don't always understand the science behind the formulations, but I have come to trust that Antonia knows what she is doing based on my own results.

The entire range comes is recyclable Miron glass bottles and jars that also help to preserve the actives inside. You can now find Antonia's products at who offer free UK shipping.

Ana x

*Samples generously provided by Beauty Expert, all thoughts, opinions and beauty musings my own. Post contains some affiliate links, please see my full disclaimer for details.


  1. I've long been intrigued by the Antoniw Burrell line, the oil cleanser sounds beautiful x
    The Beauty Bloss

    1. It is a very beautiful range, I have really enjoyed everything :) Xx

  2. Love the sound of these, as I do all her products! I can't wait to try them all when my giveaway prize arrives :-) xx

    Ramblings of a Beauty Bird | Beauty Blog

    1. I hope you enjoy, I was thrilled when I saw you had won, hope the serum helps you like it did me Xx


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