Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Introducing Saach Organics

I have written before about the fact that the use of Ayurveda is very much a trend that we will see continued this year, through the use of traditional ingredients and herbs I very much believe Ayurvedic principles can help to heal the skin and have wonderful benefits for hair. I have been playing with these products from Saach Organics now for months, and they are a great example of a product that uses Ayurveda and natural ingredients to it's full advantage.

I raved about the Hair Oil a few months back and it really is a small but mighty product, easily one of the lightest and easily absorbed treatments I have had the pleasure of trying. Today I have four other product reviews for you from the range, all affordable and well formulated given the quality you are getting. Firstly we have the Green tea and Aloe Vera shower gel, such a lovely fresh unisex scent this is a great one for everyone's bathroom, it foams very gently and leaves the skin fresh and soft. As my nose has been extra sensitive to scents lately I have really appreciated how lovely and fresh this is, there is also a matching body lotion which I can imagine is divine and I can't wait to get my hands on it.

In contrast to the shower gel the Rosemary and Mint hand and body lotion has more an earthy herbal scent that is made fresher by the use of spearmint in the formula, this is a lovely nourishing formula and I really enjoy the pump packaging. This one sits on my desk and I apply whenever I get up to wash my hands, it is nurturing without being heavy on the skin, so is perfect for daytime use. The almond, jojoba and olive oils make the formula nice and silky.

The anti-dandruff shampoo is a real treat and perhaps my favourite of the bunch, shampoo and conditioner always seem to get some of the most mixed reviews as hair really is so individual. I never have very high expectations when I start to test a shampoo for those reasons, some of the most hyped have been a total let down, but this works brilliantly well for my hair and fussy scalp. After a few months of use my scalp is clear and my hair always feels nice and clean, but the best bit is that it keeps the itch at bay for a few days. A real treat for sore scalps, this one really was quite impressive.

The Nourishment hair conditioner is a very light product, almost like a detangler. It is scented with cinnamon which makes it warm and it has some colour thanks to the henna. I have been using this exclusively but I think drier hair types than mine will need a weekly leave in conditioner or like me to combine with oil treatments. I use a couple of drops of hair serum just to keep any frizz at bay.

All the products are in the more affordable category starting at just £8.95, and I think they are well worth exploring, it is a brand that has surprised me with it's effectiveness. You can find Saach Organics at Love Lula and Sophia's Choice.

Ana x

*Samples were generously provided, all thoughts, opinions and beauty musings my own. Some of the links are affiliated, please see my full disclaimer for details.



  1. Replies
    1. They are lovely products :) Xx

  2. These sound lovely, especially the shampoo & shower gel! I always find so many great brands that I haven't heard of through your blog :) xx

    Evelyn @ We Were Raised By Wolves

    1. They are fab! So pleased you could find something new :) Xx

  3. Love this brand such powerful scents! I think they are affordable too x
    Eloise. Organic beauty & lifestyle www.eloiselovesnature.co.uk

  4. Just adore the green tea & aloe vera shower gel. Such a refreshing scent and one I'll pick up again for sure x


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