Monday, 21 March 2016

The art of scent with the Perfume Garden

Scent is an incredibly evocative and personal experience, everyone has perfumes that trigger certain memories. Finding natural and organic perfumes can be quite hard, partly because you are dependant on online shopping and can't generally go and try scents in the shop, for this reason I am excited to introduce the Perfume Garden.

The Perfume Garden was founded with Marina Barcenilla and the brand actively seeks to use ethical, organic and sustainably sourced ingredients. What I loved about the Perfume garden is that samples are available so you can test perfumes on the skin which is recommended as opposed to just relying on descriptions. The samples I received also included ingredients lists which would be helpful to someone with specific fragrance and essential oil allergies. The perfumes are complex and long lasting on me, my favourite is Spring Rain which is a fresh and green unisex scent that is perfect for daytime wear. The India perfume oil is a beautiful floral and woodsy blend with Rose, Ylang ylang and Jasmine.

The perfume Garden has an interesting selection of perfumes, gifts, samples sets and body oils to choose from all crafted with natural ingredients, many of the products are also vegan with the exception of a few that contain beeswax. Marina works with the Tulsi Trust which funds health and education projects in Central India. You can shop the range at Marina Barcenilla Parfums.

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