Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Petits Rituels Fleur Boisée Travel candle

I am often amazed by the ability candles have to transform a rooms mood. This Fleur Boisée Travel candle* (£16 for an approx. 15 hour burn time) from Petits Rituels is an example of the power of scent,
the blend of Lavender,  Rose geranium and petitgrain is perfect to burn in the evenings and would be fantastic for a dinner party or special occasion. The scent itself is what I would call thoughtful, calming to the senses whilst bringing about focus and clarity.

The scent isn't a straight forward or traditional floral and in fact the petitgrain comes in to it's own here, adding quite a fresh undertone to the woodsy nature of the lavender. I love the travel candles which are new to Petits Rituels because it enables you to indulge, without the cost of large candles, which let's be honest is generally quite expensive.

There really is no excuse for burning mineral oil and artificially scented candles anymore with the beautiful offerings available. Petits Rituels are a beautiful brand doing beautiful things, natural waxes, pure essential oils and beautiful packaging make for an indulgent experience, which is exactly what you want from a luxury item like this. If you are a candle lover, they I would I would highly recommend. You can also find a selection of the candles at Love Lula.

Ana x



  1. I love Petits Rituels! I have their By the Fire one which was beautiful in Autumn/Winter and Paul bought me their Minty Bonbon one for Christmas but I've not used it yet as saving it for the new house! I got a travel size one though for holiday and it was lovely in the hotel room :) xx

    1. Great idea to take it away with you! They are beautiful candles Xx


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