Tuesday, 8 November 2016

New in: 3107 London My Everything Soothing Elixir

A few months ago Dija Ayodele Facialist, skincare writer and blogger launched her own cosmetics line with initially, just two beautiful products.

Dija's story is one that inspires me greatly, with a lifetime of passion for beauty behind her just seven years ago she decided to leave her corporate career to retrain as a wellbeing therapist and facialist. With 3107 London she wanted to make skincare that was beautiful, affordable and functional for the skin. The two products she launched with are the Heart and Soul Cleansing balm and the My Everything Soothing Elixir.

What you get with My Everything Soothing Elixir (£29.99 for 30 mls) is a facial oil designed to soothe, repair and calm. It is perfect for this time of year where the cold is starting to bite, it can be used daily morning and night, or whenever needed as a treatment. This is perfect for  slightly redness prone or dry skin, I found it works well added to a clay mask too. It is everything I like about skincare, simple, versatile and well executed. I love the calming scent and the ritual of massaging it in to my skin, as regular readers will know nothing makes me happier than a good facial oil.

I don't think I ever get tired of skincare products that are simple but exquisite, to me it's a bit like cookery, although sometimes it's nice to have something exotic, there is something comforting and magical about the basics such a the scent of garlic and onions cooking in a pan. This elixir has a blend of lavender and Roman Chamomile essential oils that is soothing on the mind as well as the skin and works so perfectly together. The combination of apricot, jojoba and peach oils feel hydrating and protecting on the skin, it does what it says with no exaggerated marketing, in world of noise it is comforting to find something that is so beautifully understated.

I love to support other working Mum's and am constantly inspired by the incredible women just like Dija who juggle so much alongside their business. You can find out more about Dija and shop her range at 3107skincare.com.

Ana x

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  1. Sounds fantastic - will check it out! Thanks for the introduction :) x

    Evelyn @ We Were Raised By Wolves

    1. It's a really brand to explore, hope you like it :) Xx

  2. I love Dija! I've not tried the balm yet but the oil is lovely, I knew you'd love it. The scent is beautiful and its such a lovely texture x

    1. It's a fab oil and Dija is so lovely. I am really rooting for her :) Xx


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