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Brand Focus: Barefoot SOS

Barefoot SOS is a brand I have dipped in and out of for years, so these reviews are in fact quite overdue, but as usual better late than never. There is a cute story behind the Barefoot SOS brand name, it's inspired by the ancient Chinese tradition of doctors who travelled village to village without shoes dispensing natural remedies as they went. The brand has a fair amount of awards under it's belt and is free from parabens, SLS, mineral oil/paraffin and artificial fragrances and colours. As well as that the entire range is suitable for vegans.
Barefoot SOS has two ranges Dry and Sensitive which has body care and skincare suitable for delicate skin and the Repair and Renew which is suitable for dry skin and tackles ageing thanks to the key ingredient, Rosehip. Today's review is of several of the Repair and Renew products:

Nourishing cleansing cream - (£20 for 125 ml) I love a cleansing cream, for either morning or evening cleansing and this one is a very nice easy cleanse. The texture is somewhere between a light lotion and a thicker cream, it has cocoa seed butter, rosehip oil and calendula to soothe. I really like the lovely floral scent of this cleanser and I find it cleanses effectively. It takes off light make up such as mineral foundation and leaves the skin feeling smooth, I do find however that despite the gentle ingredients when I use this I feel a slight tingle on the skin, which is strange given that otherwise it seems to work perfectly.

Intensive Treatment oil - (£28 for 25 ml) This is one of my go to oil serums when my skin is irritated or out of sorts, I can't put my finger on which ingredient works the magic; maybe it's all of them but it takes down redness in my skin like no other. For me this is a star product, with a squalane base it is light but the other ingredients such as Argan, Rosehip and evening primrose take things up in the moisturising stakes. The scent is light and gentle, a mix of Frankincense and Rose. I think this is a lovely oil at a very affordable price point, a product that deserves more hype in my book.

Daily Replenishing cream - (£21 for 30 ml) Barefoot SOS say this cream is suitable for all skin types, including blemished, but for me personally it is one I reach for when my skin is dry and sensitive as I feel it's a little too heavy on skin that's breaking out. If you like the Pai Chamomile and Rosehip cream then this is a slightly richer alternative, it has a good range of plant oils such as Apricot Kernel, Argan, Rosehip and Borage. I like to use this when I am at home, especially after a face mask, because it really replenishes the skin. A good rescue product for anyone who suffers from dry and delicate skin.

Smoothing Eye serum - (£21 for 15 ml) Lighter than an eye cream, this serum is a very uncomplicated, soothing product. The texture is light and easily absorbed but the ingredients are nourishing enough to boost the eye area. The eye serum is a good all round eye product, I think it's perhaps one of the hardest products to formulate so that you are tackling everyone's concerns, this one will give a nice hit of moisture and leaves the skin looking smoother but isn't my first choice for dark circles.

I enjoy Barefoot SOS products, I think this is overall a nice line for dry and sensitive skin although I do have a few minor niggles like the tingling upon application of the cleanser that stop it from being outstanding. Something that does drive me a little crazy is that the writing on the serum and cream packaging comes off on your fingers, meaning you have to be very careful when applying your products that you don't have silver flecks on your face. I am pretty sure a packaging update would fix this and would make me much more inclined to repurchase my favourites.

You can shop the brand at Barefoot SOS and Love Lula who ship Internationally.

Ana x

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