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Green Beauty news: February

Let's pretend I am getting this post up on time and in February, the truth is baby has not only dropped down to just one daytime nap but she is also now cruising and crawling at speed, so my day is mainly about trying to ensure she isn't bumping her head or getting stuck in the laundry basket... (true story). So apologies for a slightly quieter week on the blog front, but needs must.

There is lot's to get through for this month's Green Beauty News, so let's get started:

For those of you who don't know as well as writing this blog I also contribute to other sites, including the Bodhi and Birch blog called The Leaf. This month I have written a post on incorporating mindfulness in to our everyday lives, something which I have been working on a lot recently. I think stress and lack of time are two things that everyone struggles with for the most part, so finding ways of helping ourselves is so important. You can read the full post here.

New Launches:

The one to watch this month is without a doubt LA EVA. This newly launched brand has a beautiful apothecary feel and blends natural ingredients, a holistic approach and art to create something that looks incredibly unique. LA EVA means left of centre and the brand truly feels different from what we have seen before in terms of it's imagery and feel; the branding is strong and is sure to appeal to many. They have launched with two signature scents; Roseum and Blu. The products are all certified organic by the Soil Association, because in the founders own words "Why wouldn't they be?" meaning that organic is ingrained in the brands ethos and not an afterthought. Overall I am expecting very good things and will report back soon. Find out more here.

Kjaer Weis have launched their very first skincare product this month and it caused quite the stir on social media. The Beautiful oil certainly lives up to it's name in terms of packaging; that is something the brand has nailed with their refillable make up. In terms of ingredients however I am sitting on the fence until I have had a chance to try and lot's of people on social media also agreed that this oil for the price point had an underwhelming ingredients list. The bottle itself is twice the size of most facial oils, you get a mighty 65 ml, this is a luxury product for daily use. I was surprised to see they chose clear glass (not as good for preserving oils as dark glass), although I suppose miron dark glass doesn't fit with the rest of the branding and they tell you store away from direct sunlight instead. You have a blend of  (In the order listed on the INCI); Rosehip, olive fruit, sweet almond oil, jojoba, Chinese Yam and Spilanthes Acmella. The fragrance from essential oils is a proprietary blend and they have chosen not to disclose it. Overall although a couple of the ingredients are interesting, I was disappointed to see many relatively common oils and in some cases inexpensive ingredients such as Caprylic/Capric Trygliceride. Do let me know your thoughts, it has caused quite the debate already! If I get to try it and Angels sing I will happily take it all back! The Beautiful oil is retailing for £185/$225 and you can find it here.

Sticking with the serum theme, last month I became aware of Vanderohe, launched by clean living and green beauty blogger Olivia Thorpe. Olivia's story is very similar to my own, she became aware of ingredients in conventional beauty products in pregnancy and research led to her using natural beauty products as a better alternative. After years of writing about beauty she has taken the plunge with her own line, launching with a signature product, an oil based serum Vanderohe No 1: Nourishing Face serum. I found the press release about this one a little fluffy for my liking, but there is no denying that the product looks the part, it also uses ingredients that are certified Organic grown in their native soil. The serum contains rosehip, apricot and grapeseed oils with quite an extensive list of essential oils including Rose Frankincense, Chamomile and Myhrr. At £88 for 30 ml this is another product to pop in the luxury category. You can find out more here.

Neal's Yard Remedies have expanded their already popular Frankincense line with the Frankincense Intense Lift Serum. Like the rest of the Frankincense line this is aimed at a slightly more mature skin in need of a little bit extra, the water based serum contains ingredients such as turmeric root and Argan oil. Although I found the serum looked really interesting I found the information on the website a little lacking, there is consumer trial results but not a word on why the ingredients were included or how they work. This serum is also a bit of a price jump for Neal's Yard, the products are usually what I would call mid range prices but at £75 for 30 ml this is more in the luxury category in my book.

From the fabulous Clean Beauty co. we have newly launched Hero Beauty, who's aim is to disrupt the concept of luxury and natural beauty with results driven formulas. The debut product is the Babe balm, mine literally just got dropped off by the postman as we speak, so I have one very nice smelling and soft hand. The ingredients in the balm are just stellar, so stay tuned for a review when I have tested this one out! Find out more here.

Steering away from skincare and on to Aromatherapy, I was delighted to see Therapie by Roque's O'Neil has added four new products to the line, the inner light collection consists of portable products for your handbag or travel bag. The line includes the Energy lift roller ball and a stunning looking Calm balm. As a huge fan of the range I can't wait to delve in to these! Find them here.

Award Winners:

Yesterday the 2017 Beauty shortlist winners were announced and as usual there was an interesting mix of brands. Although not exclusively a natural awards by any stretch of the imagination, I am always pleased to see so many smaller green and niche brands win and get recognition. A few to mention are Therapie who grabbed best aromatherapy brand and Weleda, Mallow and White, Bodhi and Birch, Myroo Skincare, Blue Labelle, Dafna's and Bloom Remedies. I have a few reviews coming up for products that were winners so stay tuned for those.  The full list of winners is long, with lot's of products receiving Editor's choice awards, if you are looking for new beauty finds, you can read them all here.


Green people are celebrating their Twentieth anniversary this year with lot's of great offers, keep your eye out for a special Green People post I have coming up this month, showing you some of favourites from the brand including an in depth look at their make up, which is excellent. For now though here's the March special offers:

*Free Organic Babies Baby Wash & Shampoo – Lavender 100ml when you buy any full size Organic Babies product. Code: BABYWASH
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Shop all the offers or have a browse here.

Love Lula currently have 40% off Ooh oils of heaven, which are great multi-purpose oils you can use on hair, face and body, shop them here.

Finally if you are looking for Mother's day ideas I have a round up of some favourites in my Mother's Day gift guide.

Hope this month is a fabulous one, I am more than excited about the fact that Spring is on the way!

Ana x

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  1. Some interesting things there which I'll go and look at! I'm trying two of Therapie's newest products and they are fab x

    1. Therapie is such a wonderful brand, love almost everything I have tried! Xx

    2. Interesting, just found your blog, instantly hooked (strangely) by the 'baby dropped to one nap'...ha ha, I remember those days, not that long ago for me. Also, loving your 'market disrupter' frame of organic/natural not having to be luxury (the Clean Beauty Co, from the same 'stable' as I'm training up with). Based in the Lake District I see a few organic brands that are either pricey, brand is lacking 'fun', overplay the worthy card or 97% natural (what is that all about?). Am looking forward to reading more of your items.

    3. Thanks Lisa and welcome to my little corner of the internet :) Xx

  2. Just ckecked La-EVA and I love their website/brand design! really pretty! Thanks for the intro Ana. x

    1. Pleasure Audrey, it really is a stunning looking brand Xx

  3. Catching up on blog reading! I love the look of La Eva and Vanderohe. The Kjaer Weis oil seems pretty darn expensive and over-priced for the ingredients inside but I guess we'll have to find ourselves a sample to see if its worth it? haha!

    1. I am testing La Eva and Vanderohe and the both look absolutely stunning. Yes, I am happy to be proved wrong if it's amazing, but at that price point it does set it self up for a fall Xx


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