Enhance your well being: Therapie restore Aura spray

One of my biggest rave reviews has to be for the Therapie Himalayan detox salts and as you can see from the photo I am still a fan and have my jar topped up at all times. Today’s review is of another Therapie product, the Restore Aura Spray what I love about the detox salts is both their uniqueness and the effectiveness of the product, I think Michelle Roques O’Neil is leading the way when it comes to products that enhance well being and go beyond what we expect from our products.

The Restore Aura spray is equally unique, this spritz is a combination of aromatherapy oils, crystals and every batch is energised with Reiki. A few years ago when I was pregnant with my son a good friend of mine treated me to a Reiki session and it was such a powerful experience, I write this as someone with a healthy dose of scepticism for most things in life but I have to say having experienced Reiki I think it is this which makes the Therapie range stand out from others I have tried, you can’t quite put your finger on why the products work in the way that they do but they have an extra something special.

The essential oil blend is Frankincense, Wild Rose and Fragonia which are comforting and calming and sweet orange, rosemary and lemon to help aid clarity. Extracts of cucumber and licorice soften the skin as well as being cooling and refreshing. This is one of those products that is perfect for keeping at your desk for a pick me up during the day, anyone who has a stressful job or is on a deadline would also benefit from this. I like to keep it to hand and spray the very light fine mist several times a time when I can feel my energy starting to get low or my stress levels rise. The miron dark glass packaging is undoubtedly very beautiful and in my opinion a sign of a more luxury brand, I love that the spray is so fine because it really enhances the experience of applying it. I like to inhale deeply and take a moment to refocus my thoughts, I really enjoy the scent which has complexity and depth but is light enough to spray on the face and chest area without it being overpowering.

Skincare meets well being in this range and whilst it isn’t something that I would class as an essential product I would highly recommend if you are suffering from stress or simply want a product that will enhance your mood during the day. The products in the range all have their own unique properties from deeply soothing like the detox salts to this spray to rebalance and centre yourself, there is something for everyone. I will be working my way through some of the other products in the range too, I love the philosophy behind the brand and the quality of the products.


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Ana Green

Written by Ana – A beauty industry professional who is passionate about product and helping people navigate the marketing hype in the beauty industry.