A conversation with skincare expert Antonia Burrell

It’s not often you get a chance to speak to a renowned skincare expert and green beauty pioneer but that is exactly what happened to me today as I chatted all things skin and green beauty with Antonia Burrell. Antonia has over two decades experience in the industry as facialist and is a complete force of nature in her own right, speaking to Antonia her knowledge and passion shines through in every word, I was completely blown away by how warm and vivacious she was and before I knew it we had been on the phone for over 45 minutes.
Ethical, natural, sustainable and results driven Antonia’s line ticks all the boxes for me, the range also has a simplicity that is completely lacking in the skincare world, there is nothing overly complicated or fussy, just a focus on a good quality skincare ritual. She is also someone who walks her talk and is as green as they come in her skincare and food choices, she advises people to buy the purest skincare they can afford and I would totally agree with that advice.

Antonia’s products are fast becoming some of my favourites and we started the chat with me having a little rave about Antonia’s Pure Therapy Facial oil serum, which has totally transformed my skin more than any other product in my routine in just three weeks, I even have before and after pictures to share with you all another day and a full review coming. What was so lovely about Antonia was the sheer joy that hearing my skin story brought her, as a facialist Antonia sees a lot of women who are incredibly unhappy with their skin and she is incredibly driven to provide results fast to help restore balance, in her own words my success story with her products made her heart sing which was so incredibly touching. Antonia’s holistic approach comes through in the conversation more than once, she talks about emotions, stress and nutrition and let’s be honest topical skincare is only one piece of the puzzle. What I loved about Antonia’s approach is that she understands that and tries to provide the maximum possible results with every product in the line, you are getting a lot of bang for your buck. They are all multi-tasking and results driven, something that can be a bit of a rarity. 

Me: As one of the most sought after facialists in the Industry what can someone expect if they come for a treatment with you?

Antonia: I provide plenty of advice and ask plenty of questions before doing my own assessment on the skin to identify the individual needs. The first treatment is usually completely bespoke and the other treatments also change depending on what’s needed. I use my own products in the facials but also have different medical grade ingredients to use. The facials are holistic and I incorporate pressure point work and also my accredited lifting technique (The technique is accredited by BABTAC one of the industries top awarding bodies). 

Me: You lecture in Aromatherapy at the London College of fashion and essential oils are key your line, what makes aromatherapy oils special as ingredients?

Antonia: Aromatherapy oils are a subsidiary of Botany, so they are concentrated botanical ingredients. If you take an oil such as lavender it can be broken down to 9 or 10 different chemical components, including anti-inflammatory components. I use aromatherapy oils for the performance and characteristics of the plant rather than a pleasant scent, although that can be a bonus. Aromatherapy is simply another part of botany and is backed by botanical knowledge and science. Aromatherapy is just one of the elements I use I also add powerful anti-oxidants, vitamins and a host of other beneficial ingredients to cater for skins needs.

Me: Tell me about the skincare range, how did you go about formulating it?

Antonia: Every product in the range takes about 3-4 years to formulate, I put a huge amount of time and thought in to each product because I truly passionate about making a difference to peoples skin. We use ingredients that are scientifically proven for their results and we source from around the world. We also use clinical trials to test the efficacy of the products, that is key to the range and who I am, it’s an investment but one that is very important to me. For me natural ingredients are extremely powerful, natures provides everything we need and the use of these ingredients is backed by science, I take these ingredients and hand blend them in the best combinations possible.

Me: Are you planning to add any more products to the line?

Antonia: Yes absolutely! We are launching the Mask supreme 7 in 1 in September, with new time release oleosome technology which enables the product to time release safflower oil. It has seven different properties (it actually has more but I like the number 7!). It tackles sun damage, has ingredients that reduce comodones and it includes mango butter which is full of anti-oxidants and is extremely hydrating as well as Salicylic and lactic acids which gently exfoliate, last but not least the Abyssinian oil which is full of essential fatty acids.

(I was at some points so engrossed with the conversation that I couldn’t write quick enough to keep up with Antonia’s enthusiasm for this product but the clinical data sounds incredibly impressive, there were percentages being reeled off left, right and centre and the mask already has a great review from British Beauty Blogger which you can find here, so needless to say I am excited to try it for myself).

Me: The skincare industry is extremely hard to navigate for women. what advice would you give to someone just starting out.

Antonia: Absolutely, there is so much advice out there, I feel very happy that I have the knowledge I do and am sitting on this side of the fence. I think education is really important and I try and give as much useful information as I can through Facebook, both in more bite sized chunks and more lengthy advice. Also I share more in depth information through my blog. If someone is just starting out in skincare the most important thing is to use a cleanser that doesn’t strip the acid mantle of the skin and maintains the PH balance, my Cleansing oil is perfect for all skin types even acne prone as it deeply cleanses without stripping the skin of all it’s natural oils. Also a gentle but effective exfoliation with a product such as my Luminous light polishing powder, which is a powder than turns in to a gentle foam which buffs and polishes without creating micro tears on the skin. It also has Zinc PCA which is anti-inflammatory and healing.

I came off the phone with a really big smile on my face, Antonia’s knowledge of ingredients and of botany is overwhelming and awe inducing but I honestly couldn’t have asked for a better experience in interviewing her. Whilst she is very serious about what she does Antonia is also candid, funny and incredibly down to earth. Antonia’s products are designed to bring balance and harmony to skin and in my experience they do just that, I am already a big fan of the cleansing oil and the Pure therapy Facial oil serum and you bet that the rest of the range has my name written all over it. Most importantly for me Antonia’s philosophy resonates with me and what I am trying to achieve from my skincare, both Antonia herself and the range are the real deal, natural ranges that invest in clinical trials are few and far between so that in itself speaks volumes. Thank you Antonia for such a great experience. You can find Antonia’s full range and details of how to book a treatment at AntoniaBurrell.com

Ana x

Ana Green

Written by Ana – A natural beauty enthusiast, mum of two and chocoholic.