Skin Saviour – Antonia Burrell Pure therapy facial oil serum


I have talked about my skin woes before on the blog, I suffer from painful hormonal acne on my chin and jaw which up until recently I thought I had under control. In July a combination of stress, lack of sleep, poor diet and running out of some of my supplement regime all at the same time led to me having the worst skin I have had in a long long time. Acne is one of those things that is influenced by many factors, I have always been in favour of treating it from within where possible but it was also in July when this little bottle of Pure Therapy Facial oil serum came through my door and I couldn’t think of a better time to test it. I have tried Antonia’s products before and been nothing but impressed, the cleansing oil is beautiful, the kind of product that is a joy to use and leaves a beautiful healthy glow to the face, perhaps the next best thing to going for a facial. I also had the pleasure of interviewing Antonia and she is such a warm, knowledgeable and down to earth person, it made me all the more appreciative of her products as her expertise shines through.

When I was reading about this serum my first thought was; This was made for me! It is said to help reactive skin, hormonal breakouts and congestion all of which I suffer with, redness on my cheeks and spots on my chin, it’s a never ending party I tell you. The serum contains a whopping 21 plant actives all chosen carefully to bring balance to the skin, Antonia uses a lot of actives that I haven’t heard of before and is one of the few natural brands to do actual clinical trials which is impressive in itself. Date palm kernel oil has proven benefits for slowing the ageing process and works on wrinkles and increases collagen. Oleanoline IS is an Olive leaf extract which reduces redness and skin irritation. Sandalwood is used to calm and balance the skin as well as providing a wonderful relaxing scent. Melaleauca Viridiflora extract and Tea seed both serve as disinfectants and Kiwi seed oil is packed with Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids. You can read much more about the ingredients on Antonia’s site as she words it better than I ever could, but what I am convinced of after using this serum is that the ingredients are extremely well thought out to provide the best results possible. So on to the good stuff, the results! I initially only took photos for me rather than with the intention of publishing my spotty skin for the world to see, however when it comes to talking about the results they are far more persuasive than anything I could possibly say. I didn’t reintroduce any supplements until a full four weeks after using the pure therapy and although I did use a small amount of moisturiser the main product I used especially when my skin was very inflamed was this serum as I tried to keep a minimal (for me!) routine.

All of these photos were taken with my IPhone so the quality isn’t amazing, what you can’t really see in the first photo is just how sore and raised the spots were, the serum seemed to make a difference to the swelling fairly quickly and the results continued over the weeks. By week three there were marks but no swelling although I did experience a few breakouts they were a lot smaller and less angry than before. At the moment I have no active acne but I am left with some scars, given how bad my break out was though I do think that this serum helped to prevent very dark scars from forming too as you can see from the photo. As well as helping the inflamed areas the rest of my skin was calmer and less reactive and very hydrated, which goes to show you can help acne without severely drying out your face. Most days I used one pump morning and evening, for reference, I found two too much for daytime but worked well when I need extra moisture at night.

The bottom line based on my results is that if you have problematic skin this serum is a worthy investment, if you have relatively good skin with few problems then you can find a nice hydrating oil for far less money, but like everything in life you are paying in this case for quality. I will be keeping it in my arsenal, especially for those times when my skin acts up as it is extremely effective for a product of it’s kind. The fact that Antonia is a facialist shows in her formulas, this product was created for a client of hers with very similar issues to mine, real problems, real people and a plant based solution to help. Yes this is a pricey product undoubtedly but when you compare it to other high end brands such as May Lindstrom then for me Antonia comes out on top especially as I like to support British brands, I have said it before but I think the brand is underrated in the green beauty community and I wanted to show that it is well worth considering. What do you think, would you buy this serum?


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Ana Green

Written by Ana – A beauty industry professional who is passionate about product and helping people navigate the marketing hype in the beauty industry.