Introducing – The Rose Tree luxury organics

 A while ago I ordered some sample sizes from The Rose Tree it’s easy to see why I was enticed by this brand, it looks so perfect! When I actually received my samples I was completely overwhelmed and grateful to find the founder Olga had included some beautiful full sized products for me to try, I try and shop anonymously and I don’t use my blog email, but it would seem this time my cover was indeed blown. I am always extremely grateful when brands want to work with me, especially high quality natural and organic brands like Olga’s, sampling the range has been really lovely, the Rose Tree is one of those brands where you would struggle to find fault, everything is thoughtfully put together and beautifully presented. As I opened the gift box I was struck by the fact that these products would all make lovely gifts, as I was opening the box I was very taken by the elegance of everything inside.

The brand was created by Olga Rumble and was born from her interest in the healing properties of plants as well as her own experiences of having eczema and sensitive skin. All Rose Tree products are made my hand, the range covers skincare, body care and some beautiful looking vegetable wax candles too, everything with a lovely luxurious and polished feel, proving handmade can be very special indeed. The brand uses many organic ingredients in their formulations, I have looked through all of their ingredients lists and I love that they list which ingredients are organic as well as giving the benefits for each one.

Sometimes when a brand mentions sensitive skin I raise an eyebrow when it comes to the ingredients and the formulations, not in this case in fact I have definitely found the products to be of benefit to my own sensitive skin which can be affected by the weather and lot’s of other factors. Starting with the most important step which is a good cleanse I ordered the trial size of the Carrot and Mango cleansing butter. I had been eyeing this cleanser for a long time and thought the trial size was a perfect way to try it out. The ingredients sounded gorgeous and I wasn’t disappointed, this gives a lovely rich cleanse with a lovely herbal scent that is relaxing but not overpowering, I will be buying the full size when I need replenish my cleansing balm collection. This is wonderful for dry skin that is stressed out by the weather and is perfect for winter. I also ordered the Rejuvenating eye serum with Rose and Starflower (Full size £29 and trial size £5.50), I am just starting to venture away from using eye creams to adding in oils in to my eye routine too, as they work wonders on the skin I couldn’t ignore the benefits around the eyes, I have been using this as part of my weekend facials, the oils are chosen specifically to be used around the eyes and are deeply nourishing so great for blurring away dehydration lines. Arnica is traditionally used for bruises and in this case is added in to combat dark circles, a lot can affect dark circles but I do find the combination of gentle massage and this oil gives a brighter more hydrated look even if I am very tired. The surprise star of the products that Olga sent me was the Radiance Facial essence with Rose and Marula, I use good quality oils all the time and enjoy seeing how the different blends affect my skin, this product is hands down THE oil I would recommend if you have very sensitive skin prone to redness. From first use this has an instant calming effect and I was blown away with how it minimised redness on my skin before applying make up, it was simply fantastic. Beyond the immediate benefits I loved the rich blend of gorgeous oils that left my skin hydrated and soft, Avocado, Camellia, Marula and Raspberry seed are all in there, the scent is very light and essential oils are kept to a minimum too. This serum comes in a pump bottle, I do prefer dark glass for protecting ingredients from light but the pump is very practical and dispenses a good amount of product.

The Apricot and geranium cleansing bar is a gentle cleansing bar that is suitable for face and body, I adore the gorgeous lather and gentle scent, a lovely blend of oils is used without any palm oil, olive, almond oil, apricot oil and coconut oils to be exact. If you love traditionally made soap I highly recommend this one, it’s a genuine pleasure to use. The Juniper and Grapefruit bath oil is a limited edition with it’s stunning heart bottle but I am hoping that Olga will keep these around! Apart from the gorgeous zesty scent this bath oil is extremely moisturising and only a small splash is needed in each bath, I have been really enjoying combining this with a handful of himalayan salts for a beautiful bath experience. Last but not least the Tahiti Tiare cocoa lip butter this lip balm is rich with Monoi de Tahiti which is coconut oil infused with gardenia flowers, cocoa butter, castor oil and vanilla make this a gorgeous product for lips, the gentle vanilla scent is incredibly soothing, leaving soft skin behind.

After being lucky enough to test out this lovely variety of products I think the Rose Tree is a brand that manages to produce great quality, everything is very polished and the price point is very good. I love the gift boxes available and will be adding these to my Christmas list this year for fussy mother in laws, grandmas and Aunties, I think the products are sure to please everyone.

Post contains some complimentary samples, please see my full disclaimer for details.
Ana Green

Written by Ana – A beauty industry professional who is passionate about product and helping people navigate the marketing hype in the beauty industry.