Current loves – Moon Valley organics review

Before starting this review I warn you this is a bit of a rave, I rarely feature companies that aren’t stocked in the UK but after taking a closer look at Moon Valley organics the company ethics, ingredients and adorable logo had me sold. This USDA organic brand makes it’s products on it’s very own farm where a team of herbalists, bee keepers, farmers and even a naturopath collaborate to make skin and body care and medicinal salves and remedies. The herbs are grown using organic and biodynamic farming methods and sustainability is at the heart of all of the brands practices.

I have been using this gorgeous Moon Melt lotion bar and it’s one of those wonderfully simplistic but effective products that also is multi-purpose. This lotion bar is undoubtedly really very sweet in it’s white tin and I love the fact that the logo is also etched in to the bar, it may not affect the performance, but I am a fan of the details. The bar is made from safflower oil infused with comfrey and calendula both excellent herbs for soothing the skin, as well as beeswax and Vitamin E. The lotion bar has a gentle vanilla and lemon scent which is subtle but delicious, I take a small amount and warm it up before applying, it works well on hands and all over the body and get’s rid of any dry patches quickly and easily as well as being perfect for travelling. I can’t review these products and not mention the packaging, everything is post-consumer recycled and the Moon Valley organics branding has a lot of great attention to detail unusual for a natural company, the outer card board folds out and you there are some sweet messages on the inside.

The Peppermint Foot rub is equally as lovely, is has a thick balm consistency and is infused with arnica, calendula, comfrey and mint making it perfect for soothing the feet after a long day at work. As this is quite thick I like to apply under some cotton socks and it leaves you with gorgeous soft and refreshed feet, if my feet are throbbing I reach for this every time and the mint cools everything down.

If you are in the US then lucky you because this company is a gem and in my opinion very well priced, if you are outside the US like me then Moon Valley organics ship internationally so you can still indulge in some great herbal products. I can’t really find a bad word to say, this brand clearly knows what they are doing after twelve years and if you love to use herbs in your skincare then you will love Moon Valley organics, highly recommended.


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Ana Green

Written by Ana – A beauty industry professional who is passionate about product and helping people navigate the marketing hype in the beauty industry.