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With the expansion of the natural and organic market there is an increasing amount of companies offering unisex options or options aimed at men. During November Green People were asking for bloggers to hand over their blogs to the men in their lives and so today I bring to you a review from my other half.

To give you some back ground despite my slightly out of hand obsession with organic skincare my Husband is still for the most part using more conventional options, whilst he has never turned his nose up at anything I have bought for him, when it comes to buying his own he is quite happy with whatever he can find at the supermarket and I would doubt he has ever read an ingredient label in his life. So on to what he thought of the products!

Green People kindly sent a lovely gift box with a shampoo, body wash, razor and shaving brush.

“First impressions are that I like the gift box the products came in, it’s not something I would personally ask for but if I got one of these for Christmas from a relative I wouldn’t be displeased”

Organic Homme 10 Itch away shampoo “Both the shampoo and body wash had a nice scent, slightly earthy and fruity, enough to leave you clean without being so perfumed it was overwhelming. I don’t suffer from a dry or itchy scalp so I can’t comment on whether it actually lives up to those claims but I wouldn’t have been able to tell it didn’t have some of the mainstream chemicals in it to make it foam if you hadn’t told me. Performance wise it was no different to what I am currently used to so I think considering it must be much harder to formulate that it worked really well”.

Organic Homme 5 Cool Style shower wash “This body wash had the same pleasant scent of the shampoo, I use quite a lot of body wash so this bottle didn’t last me long. Whilst I found the black packaging looked pleasing I found the dispenser (flip top lid) a little more fiddly to what I am used to, I much prefer a body wash with a hook or the anti-drip dispenser in the cap to make application easier. Performance wise the wash itself was great and I was pleased with how it left me feeling clean without being an overly fussy product”.

Razor and shaving brush “Now the razor I really liked, it performs really well and the handle looks great whilst having quite a satisfying weight to it. I like that I can find blades to fit when this one needs replacing and I would be happy if I had received this as a gift. The shaving brush is not something I would usually use as I shave with an oil, but I like the classic look of it and it’s a nice addition to have in the cabinet. Both the razor and the brush have an old style feel about them that is very classic”.

Overall thoughts “If these were on sale next to my usual brands and especially if I had a skin condition or issue that meant I couldn’t use my regular stuff then I would repurchase, the performance was just as good as I am used to and even if the price is a little higher I think they are worth it”.

Thank you hubby for testing these out for us, ladies if you are looking to sway your man to a more natural option I think Green People is a good one to try, they have several male appropriate gift sets available as well as unscented skincare and unisex options.


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Ana Green

Written by Ana – A beauty industry professional who is passionate about product and helping people navigate the marketing hype in the beauty industry.