Jurlique Rose moisture plus range

Despite eyeing their products for years I had never tried this Australian brand until a few months ago, Jurlique is what I like to call a fusion brand, not sure if that is a thing in skincare but I am stealing the word from cooking because I really like it!

So what are they fusing? Science and nature for a brand and products that will appeal to a wide audience, perhaps not the ultimate purists in ingredients but still including many gorgeous botanicals, so don’t write them off altogether if you haven’t checked the formulations yet, they vary depending on the product. Before trying Jurlique I was impressed by the somewhat cult following that the brand had with beauty bloggers and after trying these particular products for a few months I can honestly say I get (for the most part) that hype.

The brand includes many of my favourite ingredients such as calendula and rose and have their own farm on the Adelaide hills where they grow bio-dynamically, I love it when a brand grows some or all of their own ingredients it scores major points with me. It is one of the more well established brands out there and was founded in 1985, it’s impressive for a beauty brand to last that long, natural ingredients or otherwise so Jurlique must be doing something right.

I have been trying out the Rose moisture plus range which sounded perfect for my skin type, the brand says “Intensely hydrate and protect against environmental damage with our rose extract ad antioxidant complex to enrich the skin”. I am not sure if the range lives up to the claim about reducing environmental damage as that so hard measure, however what I can say is that overall I think this is a really good solid skincare line which delivers intense hydration without heaviness.

Jurlique Rose moisture plus cleanser – For some strange reason this isn’t on the Jurlique UK site unless it’s part of a gift set which I will link below, but I have linked to Naturisimo who has all their products very reasonably priced anyway. This was a love and I wasn’t expecting it to be initially but it wowed me with the beautiful texture and performance. This is a very beautiful silky cream that when you add water creates a soft, smooth foam. I don’t use this for make up removal but rather as a second stage cleanse or in the mornings as it contains some very fine exfoliating particles from pumice, when I read the ingredients list I initially thought it sounded so harsh that I didn’t think I would like and used it with hesitation, however it is very gentle and I had nothing to worry about. This cleanser lives up to it’s moisturising claims, despite the foam I found it made my skin glow in a very good way, and there was less dry patches than usual on my skin. The scent is a beautiful classic rose from Rosa Damascena and Rosa Centifolia essential oils and some of the star ingredients include, rosehip, grapeseed oil, nettle and calendula. A great cleanser at a reasonable price and works well combined with a cleansing balm.

Rosewater balancing mist – This is the one product from the range I wouldn’t buy again, but that does not mean it’s a bad product but in my opinion just not as impressive as the others. Taking a look a name of this ingredient you would be fooled in to thinking it has a rose water base, it however does not, instead it has water as a base with added essential oils of Rose and other ingredients, some I love like marshmallow, some not so much like sodium hydromethylglycinate as the preservative. I have noticed now as this is my second toner with this preservative that I seem to be mildly sensitive to it and I can’t just spray this over the face like I would wish as it irritates my eyes slightly. This is a shame as the weighty glass bottle dispenses the perfect mist so I wanted to love this, however for me nothing seems to beat a pure rosewater so that is what I am currently sticking to.

Rose moisture plus moisturising cream – This is my favourite moisturiser of the year so far, there is something about the mix of ingredients that just suits my skin. The cream is fairly thick but very easily absorbed, even layering with facial oils my skin seems to love it and leaves none behind. It is designed for dry and dehydrated skin types so definitely not for everyone however I find that given the ingredients the formula is well perfected and so doesn’t hang about. It has some great soothing herbs like marshmallow, chamomile and calendula which tackle redness, whilst the oils of avocado, rosehip, safflower and jojoba ensure skin is perfectly nourished and protected. I have used this as a day or night cream and like it for both.

Overall I have been impressed with my first Jurlique experience and am tempted to treat myself to some of their beautiful gift sets. Price wise it is much cheaper to buy from Naturisimo but given the quality I really think these are affordable products, the moisturiser comes in at under £30 which I think is very fair. Get all the products in this review in generous travel sizes in this Hydration started set which costs £35. One of the plus points for me is that Jurlique is widely stocked across the world, including Marks and Spencer’s, Feel Unique and many others. Are you a fan of Jurlique, which products do you love?

NOTE: Jurlique are sold in mainland China, so cannot be considered totally cruelty free.

Ana Green

Written by Ana – A beauty industry professional who is passionate about product and helping people navigate the marketing hype in the beauty industry.