At home facial with the Pai Kukui and Jojoba bead brightening exfoliator

I started my New Years day with a tried and tested at home facial routine which is perfect for more delicate, sensitive and reactive skin especially if you find physical exfoliation a no go area for you. At the heart of this super gentle but effective facial is one of my all time favourite products, in fact I can’t quite believe it doesn’t yet have it’s own review but we will put that down to the perils of blogging and having far too many products. The star of the simple at home facial is the Kukui and Jojoba bead brightening exfoliator (£20 for 50 mls), perhaps the gentlest physical exfoliator on the market unsurprisingly created by the sensitive skin experts over at Pai.

I like to start by giving my skin a gentle cleanse with the Camellia and Rose gentle hydrating cleanser (£25 for 100 mls) before exfoliating, this cleanser is always a faithful staple in my routine and is a firm favourite for it’s gentle and soothing nature as well as the delicious scent. After that I gently pat my skin dry and take two pumps of the Kukui and Jojoba exfoliator, it is very unique as it has a thick gel/oil texture which has a delicious sweet scent. This exfoliator is extremely hydrating making it the perfect choice for drier skins which have a tendency to be reactive as it is extremely gentle whilst also leaving skin extremely soft. The jojoba beads are very small and completely round. meaning there are no sharp edges to inflame and irritate the skin (sensitive skins take note!). They are made from Jojoba wax and are not naturally found in nature (even though they are made from a natural material) but their gentle quality and the fact they are biodegradable makes them a much better choice than plastic micro-beads or ground up fruit stones. If you are unsure if your exfoliator contains plastic micro-beads look for polyethylene on the ingredients lists, plastics are in a surprising amount of products and due to the fact that they don’t break down they are polluting rivers and harming wildlife. This product can feel a little thick to start with which makes it hard to move around the face, I add a few drops of water to loosen it slightly and massage the face for as long as I feel it needs (adding water if necessary). If you add too much water the mixture will go completely white as it emulsifies in to a milk for easy removal but a few drops is just enough to maintain the gel texture whilst also making it more workable.

You could just rinse this away with water as the formula is extremely clever and despite the oil/gel feel there is no residue left. I do prefer to use a flannel as I find that despite my best efforts if I do not the jojoba beads like to hang about and I find them on my neck afterwards (they can be tricky but the extra perseverance is worth it I promise). I take a warm flannel and wipe away in small sections folding it over as I go to avoid just smearing the beads around, to finish I will splash my face with some water to ensure all the product is removed.

Today I followed the exfoliator up with a DIY gentle face mask of pink French clay, rose petal powder, argan oil and orange blossom water and the results were fantastic but any good mask will do depending on what you have at home. The key to how well this exfoliator works is for me that it is rich in oils, sweet almond, avocado and kukui oil drench the skin in plenty of Omegas and nutrients to get the skin glowing, it’s almost a mini-facial by itself but following up with something else intensifies the results. It is always a pleasure to use, I will warn you that if you are hardcore acid fan this may be a little wasted on you, but it packs more of a brightening punch than the gentle ingredients would have you believe and lasts quite a long time. I have just opened my third bottle in twelve months which I don’t think is bad at all and I already have another backup. The results are softer, more radiant and even toned skin without a hint of redness, perfect for skins that can’t handle too much fuss or that need a break from harsher routines.

What your favourite pampering product at the moment?

Ana Green

Written by Ana – A beauty industry professional who is passionate about product and helping people navigate the marketing hype in the beauty industry.