The healer – CV Skinlabs restorative skin balm

When it comes to uncomfortable or painful skin conditions I think I have found a bit of a miracle worker all the way from the US, the CV Skinlabs restorative skin balm. CV Skinlabs has only recently come to the UK to natural boutique Cos Natural but the buzz about this brand from US bloggers has had me really curious for awhile. Founded by Britta Aragon a natural beauty advocate and cancer survivor who made it her mission to help others in the same situation, Britta started a blog called Cinco Vidas prior to CV skinlabs to help people counter some of the side effects of cancer treatment. She is a remarkable woman and is deeply passionate about what she does, the products all have a signature patented Tri-rescue complex of Turmeric, Alpha-Bisabool and Reishi mushroom, these are well known anti-inflammatory ingredients and this is what I think gives CV skinlabs the results. As well as that lot’s of other beautiful natural ingredients such as sweet almond oil, Shea Butter and chamomile are also included.

The honest feedback on this balm is that whilst I really liked it from first application I struggled to justify the price tag, if you live in the US then it is much less pricey (so stock up!) as we do tend to pay extra for imported products. After a few months of having this in my possession and really enjoying it, it was at Christmas time that this balm finally proved it’s worth. A couple of days in to my holiday a combination of the come down from the adrenaline and stress of the preparation and a nasty cold left me with a horrid cold sore. Anyone who suffers from cold sores will know that there is nothing quite as unpleasant and inconvenient, I try and prevent them when I first feel the tingle but this one was going no where.

I searched through my arsenal of products, I sent my husband to the pharmacy to attack it with the strongest remedies that could be bought and instead of getting better it got progressively worse. On the second day the pain was the worst I had experienced, I found this balm in my bedside table, I remembered the soft consistency and the fact that it comes in a more hygienic squeeze tube and thought I had nothing to loose in trying it. I was absolutely amazed with how this calmed the pain, kept the area hydrated and helped it to heal. A few minutes after application the intense burning had subsided and with repeated application my cold sore had shrunk significantly and was gone completely in four days which is very impressive.

Green beauty details: 100% natural, contains some organic and fairtrade ingredients, good free from ingredients lists (see site), vegetarians and vegans please note that this product contains lanolin and beeswax, company states no animal testing and BUAV approved.

If this balm hadn’t of worked this miracle in my hour of misery then I would have been happy to write it off as a nice balm but not necessarily one I would buy again. After the way it helped me heal it has now been moved up to holy grail and can’t live without status. Of course this balm moisturises and multi-tasks but where it shines is with those painful or inflamed skin conditions, grazes, small burns, psoriasis you name it this has fixed it, a true medicine cabinet beauty staple.


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Ana Green

Written by Ana – A beauty industry professional who is passionate about product and helping people navigate the marketing hype in the beauty industry.