Juice Beauty Green apple peel brightening pads review

When it comes to skin tone I think most people are interested in something that brightens the skin and adds glow, especially at this time of year when the cold weather has taken it’s toll. I have been using these Green apple peeling pads from American brand juice beauty to give me a helping hand. These daily use pads are very soft and made from eco-friendly bamboo and full of fruit acids, hyluronic acid and algae designed to brighten and condition the skin. The pads come in a very sturdy jar which needs to be shut tightly to avoid the pads drying out, you apply the pads to clean dry skin after cleansing and continue with your skincare regime as normal, I like to leave the acids to work for about ten minute before applying anything else but you don’t have to do this.

Something worth a mention is that the pads are quite dry so I find that you have to work fairly quickly to ensure you cover the whole face, I do think they could benefit from having a little more product in them to counter this, especially given the pricepoint. The scent is beautiful, fruity and fresh and very pleasant to use. Juice beauty says these are suited to normal, mature, combination or dry skin but not sensitive but I found these much more gentle than other products of it’s kind and didn’t experience the tingling or flushing which the brand warns can happen due to the acids (obviously patch test and proceed with caution as all skin is different!). The pads make a lot of claims, including tightening and brightening of the skin, I have found over the last few weeks my skin has been more radiant and glowing, these helped to clear some minor acne breakouts and they were easy to integrate in to my routine. Whilst they are not a budget option you get a two month supply of pads and Juice beauty use high quality organic ingredients in their products. A gentle option for everyday exfoliation and brightening, I didn’t see any particular firming effect but that isn’t a concern I had to start with.

Juice Beauty is stocked in the UK exclusively by Naturisimo. Have you tried Juice Beauty what are your favourites?

**Edit: Having finished the whole jar, I can now say that the pads do not stay moist to the end and really need some more liquid to be worth the money, however I did enjoy how gentle they were on sensitive skin. Regular acid users will probably find these too mild**

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Ana Green

Written by Ana – A natural beauty enthusiast, mum of two and chocoholic.