New releases from Melvita

I had hinted a couple of weeks back in a green beauty news post that there were new developments from Melvita on their way to the blog and today I am back to weigh in. For the most part I tend to work with very small companies on this blog, but Melvita is one of a handful of larger brands to make it on and it is a company I have grown very fond of. A plus of them being a slightly larger company is their ability to innovate and I posted about their new Apicosoma face cream here and I am really excited about the development of this product. I have read that the scientists behind the brand are incredibly passionate and it is very exciting news if this technology brings safe and effective products and enables formulators to cut out traditional preservatives.

On to the products I have been testing and they are both superb, brilliant quality and performance and have a really refined feel to them. The Argan+ Face care oil (£32 for 30 mls) stands out from the other face oils I have tried because the texture is beautifully light and incredibly easily absorbed, it is what I would call a dry oil and I am sure this would convince even the most oil phobic among us to give oil another chance. Aside from the light texture this mix of moisturising oils has as it’s star argan oil which is Fair-trade and from Morocco which is well known for it’s skin benefits. I love how quickly absorbed this is but I also love how hydrating and smoothing it is on the skin, I have been using it nightly and even with dry skin haven’t felt the need to use night cream. If you are after a light oil that feels completely non clogging then this is my new favourite, oh and it has a light jasmine scent which is just divine.  The Repairing Lip balm (£8 for 3.5 grams) comes in some of the best packaging I own, the case is sturdy and clicks tightly shut which is something I value when it comes to carrying my lip balm in my handbag. The balm itself is so smooth it’s an utter pleasure to use, Shea butter, beeswax, argan oil are all included and I don’t think you can go far wrong with this. The texture is cushioning on the lips without being too shiny or too matte the scent is delicious of honey of course and it leaves the lips happy and nourished. All in all these are both products that I reach for and use often because they are incredibly well formulated, although on the ingredients lists some things can sound unfamiliar I looked them all up and they were plant derived and scored a 0 on EWG if you pay attention to what they have to say, so nothing scary in there after all.

Green Beauty details: Melvita is Certified organic by Ecocert (organic percentages vary and are listed on individual products), they are mineral oil, paraben, phenoxethanol, MI and artificial fragrance free, (They are part of the L’Occitane group alongside Le Couvent des Minimes if parent brands/relationships concern you), they are widely stocked on-line in the UK and Europe and have a US site.

Melvita are on to something really good with their new releases and I can’t wait to see what else comes from the brand!


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Ana Green

Written by Ana – A natural beauty enthusiast, mum of two and chocoholic.