Easy cleaning naturally with Greenscents



I am in love with new brand, they don’t have the latest lipstick or shiny new moisturiser but their products have revolutionised my cleaning regime and the green credentials are better than many cosmetic brands.
Over the years I have dabbled in a few different greener cleaning brands, for the most part I use castille soap to clean, especially surfaces such as the bathroom as it works brilliantly. I am not particularly a fan of brands that can be found in the supermarket such as Ecover or Method, their ingredients could be much better in my opinion but if you use them and like them then of course they are a better choice to other brands.

I have known about Greenscents for a while now and I was originally introduced by a blog post from the lovely people at Odylique, so I knew that their formulas would be something special. I bought the products at my local health food shop but you can buy on-line directly from their website. I was impressed with the amount of information on the website, here’s what Greenscents have to say:

*Produced in small batches in Somerset
*Safe for people, animals and our water systems
*Fully Bio-degradeable
*Packaged in high quality recyclable packaging
*Transparent product life cycle.

I was particularly interested in the fact that these are in fact safe for our water systems and bio-degradeable as many of the brands on the market are more focussed on the energy saving aspect of their production than in the ingredients used. Greenscents are 100% natural and certified by the Soil Association as organic, all the fragrances used are natural essential oils which are also organic and Fair-trade. The range covers all of your home cleaning needs including laundry and I have been testing two products which I have really enjoyed and will definitely add to my regular cleaning arsenal:

Citrus washing up liquid (£3.50 for 500 mls) Has the most beautiful light and fresh citrus scent and is SLS/SLES free. It foams less than an SLS based product but cleans just as well if not better! Thanks to the fact that they use Betaine it is a lot less drying on my hands as I can’t stand wearing gloves so this is a big plus for me. I have also found a bottle to last quite a long time so well worth the money. I also use a small amount of this diluted in some water to wash down the surfaces and the fresh citrus scent makes everything feel very clean. All in all a big hit and I am so pleased I bought this! If you don’t like citrus it also comes in an unscented version.

Unscented laundry liquid (£6.00 for 750 mls and 25 washes) Although this doesn’t have added essential oils purely for scent it does have tea tree oil which gives it a light fresh clean smell. One thing that struck me about this is that using the recommended amount I used a lot less product than I usually would, I think I do have a tendency to over pour laundry liquid but measuring out the recommended 30 mls reminded me that in fact you don’t need as much as you think. My laundry has been coming out clean and fresh, there is a softener also in the range but I have been using up another brand so haven’t been able to put them to the test together. There is only so much you can say about laundry really, but I think this is as good as anything you can find in the supermarket and the price isn’t outrageous at all considering the quality of ingredients.

Green details: Certified organic by the Soil Association, Certified cruelty free by Buav International and carries the leaping bunny symbol, Free from SLS/SLES, parabens, MI and synthetic fragrance. From what I can tell the formulas also seem to be Vegan (Greenscents don’t mention it on their site) but some do contain Xanthan gum which there seems to be a lot of debate on whether it should be considered vegan or not on line, if you are vegan I would love to hear if you do/don’t use Xantham gum, it was a new one for me to research and I was left more confused than when I started.

Greenscents have been a really great discovery and now doubt I will trying more of their products as my existing ones finish. Would love to hear if you have tried the brand or if you have any other cleaning product recommendations in the comments.

Ana Green

Written by Ana – A beauty industry professional who is passionate about product and helping people navigate the marketing hype in the beauty industry.