Current loves: Pai Instant calm Redness serum

When Pai launched their two new serums there was a lot of buzz surrounding them, and rightly so in my opinion. I have redness prone skin and have been testing the Sea Aster and Wild oat Instant calm serum (£42 for 30 mls) for the past few months, and it has become a true staple in my routine.

This serum claims to restore calm to reactive skin and is rosacea friendly, meaning none of the common triggers are present (alcohol, peppermint, Eucalyptus, Witch hazel ect…) that in itself is brilliant for me because although I do use some of those ingredients in small doses, my skin does from time to time object to them. What is in there is the calming Sea Aster, which inhibits sensitivity and soothing wild oat, which is naturally anti-inflammatory.

I apply a pump of this every night as this is how Pai recommend you use it, I spritz with the Bio-affinity toner first which incidently I am very much enjoying so review to follow and apply the serum by pressing it in to the skin. The texture is easily absorbed it’s creamy but not too thick and the scent is very mild, hard to describe but you can smell the wild oats and a hint of lemon I think, it doesn’t linger on the skin once applied. You can apply moisturiser over the top if needed, although Pai say the best results come from using it alone, in the winter months my skin was far too dry to do that however I will use it alone in the summer.

So does this deliver for redness prone skins? Absolutely it does! In fact I have just opened my second bottle as I repurchased half way through my first bottle to make sure I didn’t have to be without it. My skin is definitely less reactive, overall redness is reduced and this serum fits in beautifully with the other products from the Pai range of which I am a big big fan. If you are fighting redness you really can’t go wrong with Pai, this and the Chamomile and Rosehip cream are a match made in heaven, happy skin awaits you.

In case you don’t know much about Pai they are Soil Association certified organic, Buav approved as cruelty free and the whole range is suitable for sensitive skin. If I was putting together a list of top ten brands, Pai would easily be up there at the top and is a brand I have been using for a long time before this blog started. This serum not only has impressed me with it’s effectiveness but it has completed my skincare routine, if blemishes are an issue you are tackling I have heard equally glowing reviews about the Capaiba and Zinc blemish serum too. If the price point is more than you would like to pay Pai always have excellent deals so look out for them, I have nearly their entire range at the moment and there isn’t a bad product in the bunch as far as I am concerned.

Have you tried Pai? What do you think?


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Ana Green

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