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Today sees the launch of a new Josh Rosebrook product at A Beautiful world one of my favourite natural and organic beauty hubs, I have been seeing lot’s of reviews state-side for this product so I have been eagerly anticipating it’s UK launch and let me start by saying it was worth the wait! The hype has been for Oculus an oil based serum that Josh Rosebrook developed for use around the delicate eye area. As an avid oil fan I am already converted to the beauty of of using oils around the eyes, if you are looking for nourishment and results that rival the best nights sleep, read on.

This eye treatment comes in a very sleek glass bottle with a lovely metal roller ball which makes for a very cooling and soothing application, a top tip given to me by Liz the founder of A Beautiful world was to keep it in the fridge which really helps reduce any puffiness around the eye area upon application. This is a beautifully light selection of oils, which makes it lovely to use around the eyes. Camellina and hemp oils are the base and are packed with essential fatty acids, antioxidants and nutrients. Anti-inflammatory ingredients calendula and echinacea help to soothe and balance, eye bright also stimulates collagen production and there are a host of other beneficial botanicals such as alfalfa, chickweed, fennel, skullcap and slippery elm.

For me Josh’s use of herbal infusions really makes the range stand out and this product includes some of my favourites alongside some new to me ingredients. There are some essential oils in the blend such as rose, chamomile, geranium but the scent is very light and appropriate for use around the eyes. I have been testing this for a couple of weeks now and have found this treatment is the quickest way to cheat the well rested look, the skin under the eyes is plumped, hydrated and when you wake up the morning the under eye area is refreshed and brighter looking even if I have been burning the candle at both ends.

To apply I first mist my face with a good hydrating toner, take the roller ball and swipe under each eye where you would find your orbital bone and then taking my ring finger gently massage in circular motions from outer corners of the eyes to the tear duct area and around the brows. The treatment absorbs quickly and is suitable for morning and evening use, once I have finished the massage I then continue with the rest of routine as normal. I am really enjoying these types of oil treatments either instead of or as an addition to eye cream, if you are looking for a treatment that delivers results and is a joy to use then Josh Rosebrook is one I would highly recommend.

This is my second mention this week for Josh Rosebrook products, you can see my review of the shampoo and conditioner from the line here. Have you tried Josh Rosebrook? What are your favourites?

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Ana Green

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