Greenfrog Botanical handwash and bodywash

Another UK brand to look out for today on the blog. I never tire of saying it but we really are spoilt for choice. Greenfrog Botanic have a lovely website full of extremely useful information about their ethics and products, it is impressive and clearly both the products and the site are put together by people who are incredibly passionate. Julie and Nick met in Thailand and had two gorgeous children, the couple then moved to India and in Delhi discovered the ingredient that would be the catalyst to start Greenfrog Botanic, soapberries. Soapberries have been used for centuries in the Himalayas and Nick and Julie wanted to bring the benefits of soapberries to others in the UK.

Greenfrog are a brand that certainly value sustainability and natural ingredients, they claim that their soap products are 100% natural and biodegradable making them safe for the planet as well as carefully put together for humans. Aside from the soapberries there is some naturally derived surfactants in there, lauryl betaine, coco-glucoside and potassium cocoate, these are certainly gentler options and work extremely well in this formula but I do think it is important for people to know that whilst they are derived from coconut oil there is some processing involved in any product that creates any kind of lather even something like castille soap. Something I like about these formulas is that they are surprisingly nourishing, aside from the cleansing ingredients you also have aloe vera and glycerin which is a great humectant. Although the word parfum appears on the label these products are exclusively scented with the most wonderful blend of essential oils, this is a lovely fresh citrus with an earthy twist from the Neroli. Bergamot, Lemon, lime and Neroli all feature and these products bring a lovely freshness to every shower or hand wash. The icing on the cake for many will be that these are Vegan and palm oil free too.

The Neroli and Lime Body wash comes a large bottle and is very good value for money, this wash cleanses without ever feeling drying and makes a great shaving gel too, I do like to make my products as multi-purpose as possible. I would love this to be available in a gentler scent such as lavender or chamomile as I think it would the perfect body wash for sticky toddlers but I adore the citrus burst every time I open the bottle. I would certainly repurchase this and recommend.

The Neroli and Lime hand wash is very similar to the body wash. in fact the ingredients on the label are identical as far as I can tell. This does however come with a pump which is more practical in terms of application. Again I have no complaints about the performance at all, it feels creamy and cleansing whilst you are using it but never stripping and it has coped with my six year olds hands which are often covered in paint or soil (or both!).

A great brand which is budget friendly and ingredient conscious

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Ana Green

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