Pai Lotus and orange blossom Bioaffinity tonic

As one of the brands that I have been loyal to the longest there are only a couple of Pai products I haven’t yet tried, strangely enough despite my love of a good moisturising spritz the toners were among those products. This mistake on my part has now been rectified and as much as I thought this might be the one product from the range that wouldn’t wow me, I was wrong.

The Lotus and orange blossom Bioaffinity tonic* (£30 for 50 mls) Is designed for dry skins and like all the Pai range, for skin that is also sensitive. The unique selling point for these toners is that they contain pure living waters, in this case the whole extraction of water within the lotus flower which means they have amino acids, vitamins and minerals. Add to that rosewater and orange blossom, glycerine and lactic acid and you have a gentle toner that is soothing and very gently scented with orange blossom. As always with Pai products this is Rosacea friendly and alcohol free a reason why I am turning to them increasingly for my skincare needs. I will admit that this is one of the pricier toners I own ml per ml and so I wondered whether it would do anything beyond what a normal rosewater would do. The answer is that yes, for me it delivers more than the simpler more budget friendly options. I have been using this exclusively for over a month and I look forward to each and every spritz, I have about half of the bottle left so it will last around two months used morning and evening as a rough guess.

I have found this to be excellent paired with the Instant calm redness serum and it prepares the skin beautifully for any treatments or oils you may want to layer over it, the scent is calming and it helps take down any redness my skin may have from cleansing easily and quickly, always so important for me as redness is my main concern. As well as using it at the toning stage you can use it throughout the day too and I will often reach for it when I am working from home just as a quick refresh and pick me up. I have been addicted to this toner since I opened it and I will repurchase once I have used up some other toners I have around the house. Can Pai do no wrong? I am beginning to think that may well be the case, Pai skincare I love you.

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Ana Green

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