Therapie Spring focus kit

I am a huge fan of aromatherapist Michelle Roques O’Neil and her extremely special wellness meets pampering range and so when her latest newsletter hit my in-box I was delighted to see this new Spring focus kit as well as lot’s of inspirational content. Spring is always a time that welcomes renewal and starting over and the newsletter has inspired me to spring clean, cut down on clutter and really take a moment to enjoy what matters. When I saw this new Spring focus kit I was extremely excited, it contains three of Therapies products in generous trial sizes and two of which were new to me:

Therapie Spring focus kit (£12.95) On the website it says: “We really want you to experience the versatility of the Therapie range so we have put together a little trio of products we think will support the renewed focus and unification“. The set is an extremely affordable way of trying out the products as yes they are usually pricey but worth every penny, you also get a 15% off voucher to go towards full sizes if you fall in love, and I think you will. What’s inside:

Equilibrium bath and shower essence (30 mls) I fell completely in love with this product from first use, this beautiful blend of essential oils in a light oil base is perfect for a relaxing bath. The scent is so special I actually am a bit obsessed with inhaling it straight out of the bottle, there is lavender, sandalwood, Frankincense, lemon petitgrain, Fragonia, cedarwood, jasmine, Blood orange, Neroli and Rose otto. Whilst the ingredients list is undoubtedly delightful you have to experience the product to really get a sense of how wonderful it really is and like all Therapie’s products it is how it makes you feel that will truly get you hooked. I love this when I am feeling anxious or unsettled as well as being perfect when my hormones are fluctuating rapidly, I felt so serene after using this in the bath and had the biggest smile on my face, even my husband noticed!

Restore Aura spray (30 mls) I already love this spray and have reviewed the full size here and this travel size is perfect for popping in your handbag and taking to work. I find this spray particularly helpful when you have a long to do list and you can’t seem to focus on anything, I spray this throughout the day when working from home and let the great ingredients really do their work.

Comfort warming rub (15 mls) Is a new product to the brand and is a lovely soft balm packed with therapeutic essential oils. This product is a bit of a multi-tasker and can help with blocked noses, sore muscles or simply to inhale and aid meditation. Again the ingredients list is wonderful Blackseed, Mullein, chickweed oil, arnica and comfrey, tangerine, camphor and many more all put together expertly by Michelle to ensure the maximum therapeutic benefits.

I think this kit is a wonderful introduction to what Therapie have to offer and it’s one of my best purchases for a while, all of these products are versatile and perfect for anyone who leads a busy stressful life.

EDIT: This kit is limited edition and will according to Therapie only be around for one more week, so if you love the look of it don’t hesitate and snap it up! You can of course buy the full sizes and trial sizes separately.

Ana Green

Written by Ana – A beauty industry professional who is passionate about product and helping people navigate the marketing hype in the beauty industry.