Antonia Burrell Radiant light Facial serum review

When it comes to facial oils and serums personally I have always found them to one of the most effective treatment products you can invest your money in. I have reviewed all sorts of oils for all budgets and tastes but today’s review definitely is more on the luxury side. The Radiant Light Facial serum (£58.80 for 15 ml) is one of the priciest serums I have tested but as you would expect from a range formulated by a facialist the line has never let me down before in terms of performance.

I had absolutely spectacular results with another of Antonia’s serums the Pure Therapy (click for review and before and after photos) which I would recommend for inflamed skin conditions such as acne and rosacea, in fact I have used another full bottle since I reviewed last August. Where Radiant light works well is for minimising marks and scars as well as overall evening out the skin tone.

The colour of Radiant light is a deep orange hue thanks to the high quality rosehip and carrot seed oils. I think application is key here to ensure that you don’t stain your sheets or waste product, let’s be honest at this price point that would be just awful. I found my preferred method of using this was at night (early evening is even better!) after cleansing and on a damp face, one pump is more than enough for daily application. Once the oil has sunk in I would follow up with a night cream if needed but a lot of skins will find that unnecessary as it is very hydrating. As a special treat on the days where I would exfoliate I would use two pumps, especially if I had a blemish that had left an unfriendly reminder of it’s stay in the form of those unsightly pink marks. As before I would then apply to damp skin and really massage the skin getting the blood flowing. If I found my face hadn’t taken all of the oil then I would go ahead and spray again and massage until it was all absorbed.

Radiant light contains a range of essentials oils including lemon peel which can be helpful when it comes to fading marks on the skin. Although it doesn’t say it cannot be used during the day, personally I reserved this serum for night time as some citrus oils can make the skin slightly more light sensitive if used in high volumes during the day. For the record although I doubt the quantities in this serum would be enough to be problematic I preferred to be cautious anyway.

I have now finished my bottle of this lovely serum and I can say that overall my skin tone is looking more even. I still have some freckles and light scars, but I do think this serum has been helping considerably to fade existing marks and ensure new ones didn’t hang about. This won’t erase severe pigmentation and melasma, that needs a whole other approach, but if it’s an overall brightening and evening of the skin over time you are after and your budget can stretch I would recommend Antonia Burrell and her results driven line. You can also expect plump and nourished skin when you use this serum so the benefits do not end with the brightening, but you will need a degree of patience if that is the effect you are after, I used the serum for around four weeks before I started to see a visible difference in my scarring.

Another goody from Antonia Burrell although for me Pure Therapy still has the key to my heart, that serum changed my skin for the better when it was in dire need, in fact a third bottle is on it’s way for my Birthday. Have you tried anything from Antonia Burrell? What did you think?


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Ana Green

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