Melvita L’Or Rose a summer staple

Body oil is almost an addiction of mine, if I go to bed without indulging in using it I always wake up with dull, dry skin. The L’Or Rose Firming oil (£30 for 100 mls) has been amongst my most used lately for it’s silky, dry oil texture and ease of use.

First off if you are expecting a Rosey scent then sadly you may be disappointed but it is very indulgent and summer like nontheless, think sweet berries with a hint of mint. Secondly there are some very bold claims from Melvita regarding it’s “smoothing” effect, so this is an oil targeted at cellulite. Whilst the results sound impressive personally I didn’t find any great shakes in this department with use, maybe that’s because I am perfectly content with my skin, dimples and all and reached for it mainly for hydration for which it did a fabulous job. I do think though that if you are going to use with a combination of dry body brushing, a technique I love, the ingredients list has as much chance as any other topical product of making a small difference. Ultimately I would say though that life is too short to worry about cellulite and most experts seem to agree it is connective tissue and not something we can wave a magic wand to get rid of.

I really like this product as a quickly absorbed body oil (and I mean quick!), the dispenser is perfect and the scent rather delicious. Like all Melvita products it is certified organic by Ecocert and from the ingredients you can expect no mineral oil, parabens and plenty of nice botanicals such as Rosehip. A good one to pop in your holiday bag and to use after a day on the beach!

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Ana Green

Written by Ana – A beauty industry professional who is passionate about product and helping people navigate the marketing hype in the beauty industry.