Scentered: Aromatherapy balms to calm and soothe the mind

I spotted Scentered via the Beauty Shortlist and knew instantly that it was a brand that I needed to delve in to. Created by Lara Morgan and Fay Pottinger, the idea was simple and fuelled by Lara’s experience of using aromatherapy to help her whilst running a global business and taking care of a family. Joining their expertise Lara and Fay set out to create a truly portable and practical aromatherapy product.

The result of their hard work are these beautiful all natural aromatherapy balms that use high quality blends of essential oils to help you relax, feel invigorated, focused you name it they have you covered. To use, simply apply to pulse points and inhale deeply, taking a moment to appreciate the scent blend and to allow your body to reset. You can apply as often as you feel you need to and thanks to their portable nature they can go anywhere with you.

I am completely smitten with every aspect of these Scentered balms, first off they absolutely live up to their original mission of being portable. The balms come in a handy twist up stick that is very well formulated and doesn’t melt in your handbag. The scent combinations are very pretty and there is one to suit every mood, you can even search by mood on their website to see which balm would suit you best. An honourable mention also goes for the packaging which is very pretty and reflects the brands mission so well, as you can see these are something I love and I think many others will too!

I have been testing two scents from the range and there is a lovely variety of other scents and even scented candles:

Sleep Well Therapy Balm (£14.50) Is a lovely combination of Lavender, Ylang Ylang and Palmarosa. Lavender is often used in products to promote relaxation and sleep thanks to it’s calming properties. This one lives next to bed and I have adopted a new ritual of taking a moment to reflect on the day and to inhale the gorgeous scent of this balm. It’s amazing how something so simple can really make a difference to the body and this really helps me to drift off to sleep. Scentered say:

“A therapeutic balm to clear the head and quieten the mind. Relax and prepare for a great night’s sleep with a sophisticated floral lavender blend that harnesses the therapeutic benefits of fourteen different essential oils”

Stress Less Therapy Balm (£14.50) A combination of Chamomile, Neroli and Mandarin. Thanks to it’s refreshing scent this balm is my new best friend, especially as my stress levels have been higher than usual lately. I take a moment at any time of day, whenever I feel like I need to take a breath to apply. The freshness fades to a more woodsy warm scent on contact with the skin thanks to the neroli. I personally really enjoy that these have depth. Scentered say:

“Our hero product – a balancing and uplifting balm to ease everyday tensions, soothe the mind and lift the spirits. Take comfort in STRESS LESS when dealing with the demands of modern life, whether it’s a hard day at work, family or personal commitments, or the eternal juggle to keep it all in balance”

Both blends are lovely and although the scent itself doesn’t hang around for as long as some of my perfumes I love that they are so practical to take with you and reapply on the go. I love this brand, the concept, the product and did I mention they also give back to Women For Women International? I am very excited about Scentered.

Do you like the look of scentered? Which one would you choose?

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Ana Green

Written by Ana – A beauty industry professional who is passionate about product and helping people navigate the marketing hype in the beauty industry.