A tale of three deodorants: Schmidt’s, Soapwalla and Earth conscious

If a natural deodorant that keeps you smelling sweet has so far eluded you, don’t worry, I have three options for you today that are tried tested and truly work! Before getting in to the specifics of each I wanted to point out that all three of these cream deodorants is paraben, aluminium free and full of natural ingredients.
Application for all three also involves your fingers which I was apprehensive about when I first tested a deodorant cream, but you soon get used to it. Lastly all three contain baking soda which can be problematic for some as it can alter the PH of the skin. I wanted to first share with you my top tips for using baking soda based deodorants to minimise the rise of irritation:

1) Always leave a minimum of 12 hours between hair removal and application. Whether it be waxing, sugaring or shaving I now do all my hair removal in the evenings to ensure my skin doesn’t come out in a rash.

2) Use only the right amount, I know this one may sound obvious but remember that if needed you can reapply, if you use too much the skin can get unhappy.

3) Take a day off. On days when I am at home and only doing light jobs I use a spray deodorant to give my skin a rest. This may or may not be necessary for you but I use all of the above about five times a week and always if I am going to the gym!

4) Moisturise your armpits. I know this one makes me sound like the crazy people from Dove but I have to say it really helps. When you can, let the skin breath and apply a small amount of pure Shea butter at the first sign of any dryness and irritation, it works like a charm.

On to the products:

Soapwalla Citrus deodorant cream I waxed lyrical about the original Soapwalla deodorant (review here) and I feel much the same way about the citrus version too. Aside from the fresher scent the formula is pretty much identical, I have to say I am loving the addition of the bergamot, lime and vanilla! Yum.

*Pro’s: Lasts all day, no need to reapply. Easy to apply, no need for a scoop. Widely available worldwide. Pot lasts a long time. Unisex packaging and formula, would appeal to many people. Travel friendly packaging (plastic). Suitable for Vegans.

*Con’s: Only two scents available, a scent free version would be great. Initial cost is pricey even though it lasts well, it is the most expensive of the three. This one wasn’t quite as smooth as the original, possibly because it had been exposed to some heat, natural formulas can sometimes have this problem as Shea butter is temperamental.

Schmidt’s deodorant cream – This deodorant and I really didn’t get on in the beginning, but I have to say that it has won me over. The reason I struggled to adapt to this one after trying Soapwalla is that the texture is much drier and it is more fiddly to get out the pot. If you are a parent I would liken this to “moon dough” which is the most infuriating toy product known to man and that has a habit of getting stuck in your carpets and staying there forever. The deodorant comes with a small scoop, first thing I did was toss that in the recycling, it really is a waste of time. Get yourself a decent scoop or small spoon, this will ensure you can get your deodorant to your fingers rather than it ending up on the floor. Next cover the product with your fingers for a second or two, after which it will have softened and can be transferred to it’s destination, also known as your armpits. Technique sounds fiddly and it was initially, but now I am used to it I have to say this deodorant does absolutely rock. I love love love the bergamot lime scent, perfect for summer.

*Pro’s: Comes in a wide variety of scents, including a scent free version for those who may struggle with essential oils. Performance is excellent, no need for me to reapply even in high heat. Comes also in a travel size version for testing or taking on holiday. Once you apply warmth the formula is super smooth. Scents and packaging cater for men and women as well as different tastes. Suitable for Vegans.

*Con’s: Fiddly application. Initially outlay is again pricier than a high street deodorant but does last a lot longer.

Earth conscious deodorant This deodorant is very similar in feel and formulation to Soapwalla but it is a UK brand and is an absolutely bargain price. If you are looking for value for money then this likely tops others. Again I found no need to reapply, even when going to the gym or in the heatwave, it holds up incredibly well. Earth conscious is a lovely ethical brand. They do ship Internationally too. I really like the light scent of this one not too strong but very refreshing.

*Pro’s: Five scents available, including one without essential oils. Great price, represents the best value for money. Easy to apply, no need for a scoop. Travel friendly packaging (no glass).¬†Vegan formula available.

*Con’s: Slightly gritty texture until thoroughly warmed.

I would highly recommend all three of these deodorant brands, in fact compared to the products I used previously the performance and scents available are in my experience a great improvement. Although non claim to be an antiperspirant I have actually found that since ditching aluminium completely, my body seems to self regulate much better and I am now much drier using these than I was before. I hope this comparison was useful and it helps you to choose a product that is right for you, if you have a great deodorant recommendation that I haven’t covered, please leave it in the comments below!


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Ana Green

Written by Ana – A natural beauty enthusiast, mum of two and chocoholic.