Beat the heat: Summer beauty picks

It is relatively warm in the UK at the moment and I have been using the opportunity to test some new products. When the weather gets warmer my skin tends to go from dry and sensitive to normal to combination although still sensitive at times, this kind of change is true for most people which is why I don’t necessarily believe we should just stick to products for one skin type but rather be in tune with what meets the skins ever changing needs.

Having finished up a lot of the heavier skincare that my skin adored over winter and spring months, finding a moisturiser that was light and wouldn’t feel too heavy on the skin has been the top of my agenda. I have tested several, but not all have made the cut, the formulations just didn’t feel right or they failed to live up to their claims. One that did make it in to my routine has been the Honey and Wild flax daily moisturiser, you would never think looking at the ingredients list that this product is light as it is texture wise, there is Shea butter, propolis, beeswax, rapeseed oil in there. In line with Bee Good’s ingredients policy there are plenty of natural ingredients many of which are sourced in the UK and whilst it isn’t 100% natural it is a very nice option. What really sold me this product is that the texture is more of a gel than a cream, even applying on the warmest of days we have had so far, it felt perfect on the skin. For those days when I felt I needed a little more oomph and the clouds had inevitably returned I have been adding a drop or two of the A’Kin pure radiance rosehip oil. This rosehip is beautiful quality at a reasonable price, it is CO2 extracted which means it is incredibly pure and it smells delicious. A small amount imparts just enough radiance for me to not miss my usual layers of serums and oils and has been keeping my skin really happy. A hydrating mist is also a must at this time of year, both to be used at the toning stage, perfect for preparing the skin for the rosehip oil and the moisturiser, or just to spray throughout the day.

Having finished up both my beloved Pai Bioaffinity Tonic and the Olivine Love and Roses mist both of which are great options in the heat, I turned my attention to a new brand, Zk’in organics. The Hydrating mist has an aloe vera base, which instantly appealed to me, add to that this contains seaweed extract claiming to help repair skin after UV exposure and you are on to a bit of a winner. The packaging, whilst not the most glamorous is very functional and perfect for packing in your beach bag. It dispenses a nice mist that is not forceful or too fine, yes I am fussy about these things. Whilst I can’t comment too much on the long term UV repair, I can tell you it get’s rid of heat rash like no other, so for that alone this one is a keeper. The lavender and vanilla scent packs a punch and may be off putting for some, but overall I am impressed with this mist so far and it is certified organic by COSMOS meaning it is great quality. Sticking with the Seaweed theme, the Seaweed and Aloe eye gel is very good at reducing puffy eyes and calming redness after plucking my eyebrows, I have still been using an eye cream over the top just to seal in the moisture, but I am impressed with the texture as I find some gels can be sticky and that isn’t the case with this one. AA skincare is another relatively new brand on the block, it is extremely budget friendly and does contain a lot of nice natural ingredients, I am not going to pretend that all the ingredients in this thrill me, I am looking at you colourants, however I certainly can’t complain about value for money or indeed performance. If budget is an issue this a brand worth checking out.

A multi-tasking product I have been using a lot is the All you need is me is a balm from True Organics of Sweden. They have a very small range, only two products in fact, but this is billed as an organic alternative to Elizabeth Ardens eight hour cream and for me it delivers. With 95% organic and 100% natural ingredients, it doesn’t get more natural than this. The formula is made from castor oil, beeswax, olive oil, Shea butter and blueberry seed oil and is packaged in a squeeze tube made from sugarcane rather than plastic meaning it get’s brownie points for being biodegradable too. Since it arrived this product hasn’t left my handbag and has been used for everything from dry hands and cuticles to dry patches and sore spots. It tames eyebrows and flyaways beautifully too, just be light handed with application.

So there you have it products that are perfect for summer but also will carry you through to the Autumn with ease. Spot anything you like the look of? If so, leave me a comment below.


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Ana Green

Written by Ana – A natural beauty enthusiast, mum of two and chocoholic.