Weleda arnica range to the rescue

If you are active and struggling with DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) or minor aches and pains due to the stresses and strains of life, the Weleda Arnica range is one you need to know about. As with all Weleda products they are 100% natural, use biodynamic principles and certified by Natrue. These formulas are really rather beautiful and come in for a product of such quality at a great price point, meaning effective products don’t have to cost the earth. Arnica is often used in homeopathic remedies for sore muscles and bruising. It is a perennial plant with small star like yellow flowers. The arnica that Weleda UK use comes from Scotland. When I visited recently for this years Insight day, Claire the head gardener talked really enthusiastically about the production of the Arnica range and their involvement in the process, so I was excited to try it for myself.

Starting with the new addition to the range the Arnica Sports shower gel (£7.95 for 200 mls), this launched in the UK this month and I was lucky enough to receive it a little early, in my goody bag from the day. It is very different from the other shower gels in the range, which come as rich creams. This is a light, deeply scented gel that is perfectly refreshing post gym/exercise, for anyone who is active and also great for warmer weather. As well as arnica this product has a wonderful deep herbal scent which comes from lavender and rosemary, it really is a treat for the senses and feels in itself cleansing. As with all Weleda products there are no harsh foaming ingredients (completely free from SLS), you get a gentle lather that never feels stripping, just perfect.

Next up is my personal favourite the Arnica Muscle soak (£14.95 for 200 mls) which is one of the nicest bath products I have ever used. If you are familiar with the Weleda bath products this is a thinner liquid than for example the Rose bath milk which is also just divine, it mixes easily and quickly with the water. You only need a few capfuls, added to running water, for an extra special muscle soothing treat I have also been adding plain Epsom salts for what I like to call my super recovery bath, great for post heavy exercise. Due to the the concentration of the essential oils this is one to be careful with if you have broken or damaged skin.

Lastly we have the Arnica Massage balm (£8.95 for 50 mls) which is a beautiful, arnica infused oil which I love to use to massage sore muscles and is especially nice after using the foam roller to tackle those knots we can all get. It has the same deeply herbal scent and a slight warming effect on the skin. I bought the smaller size and a little goes a long way.

Have you tried the Weleda Arnica range?

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Ana Green

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