Introducing Marie Veronique Advanced

I always enjoy interacting with those brands who are truly passionate about what they do and are sticklers for detail. This review is more than a little overdue, but today I am really pleased to talk to you about Marie Veronique Advanced (formerly know as MV Organics).

Marie Veronique Advanced has been founded by Marie Veronique Nadeu ten years ago and she collaborates with her daughter Jay Nadeu a physicist and bio-mechanical engineer. Marie Veronique herself has a background in chemistry and is a Mother and Grandmother who is the perfect advert for her line, with skin to be envious of.

Marie not only has created an extensive natural line with no parabens, mineral oils and full of botanicals, but she also is the creator of the natural skincare industry watchdog Natural and Organic Monitor (NOM).

“NOE (Natural, organic, ethical) companies have pretty much been given a free pass based on the notion that ‘natural’ equals ‘safe’ and, implicitly, because they appear to be concerned about our safety, we should trust that they are doing the right thing. Unfortunately many companies abuse that trust” You can read more here

I really like that Marie Veronique is trying to open up a dialogue with other brands as to what the standards in the industry should be, self-regulation and investigation should be applauded, however regular readers of this blog will know that I believe there are many flaws with some of the other lobbying groups such as the EWG, so I am looking forward to seeing if Marie Veronique can improve what is currently already out there.

I was sent a variety of deluxe samples from the new Pro-collection, which offers targeted solutions for conditions such as adult acne, Rosacea and wrinkles. As the name implies the Pro-collection includes probiotics to bring the skin in to balance. The collection is comprehensive and well worth looking in to. Here are my thoughts:

Starting with the first step of any good routine, the cleanser. Cleanser de Jour is an oil based cleanser that emulsifies with water, meaning it rinses clean. You have to shake this well before pumping to ensure the ingredients are all equally distributed. The oil itself feels substantial, almost thick, but this but does have enough slip to work in to the face. The ingredients list reflects what the cleanser does well, with safflower, sunflower and apricot oils the result is hydrated skin, whilst the cleansing ingredients ensure all traces of make up and sunscreen are removed. This is a good cleanser if you want clean skin in one easy step, I think it would suit drier skin but as it rinses cleanly should be fine for all to use.

Following the cleanser the Mist de Jour calms and soothes the skin. This is one of my favourite products from the range, both for it’s thoughtful ingredients and for it’s performance. This mist is lightly scented with lavender and contains coconut water, green and white tea, licorice and turmeric. This certainly is a more complex formula than your average toner and I certainly enjoy how it makes my skin feel. I would love to test this with the redness serum from the line as they seem a great pair.

The range has two facial oils, the Extra healing and vegan Oil de Jour. The extra healing version contains emu oil, knowing full well that a lot of people like to stay clear of animal ingredients I wanted to be clear about that from the start. Aside from the Emu oil both blends are identical, there are lot’s of great ingredients in there such as Camellia, Chia, kiwi and pomegranate oils. I found both oils to be great for tackling redness and inflammation but the Extra healing feels perhaps a little more substantial on the skin, personally given the small difference I would opt for the vegan version. I can’t find much to fault with the oil, I thought they were both great blends for sensitive skins.

For the eyes we have the Eye recovery serum which has been heavenly in the warm weather as it has a light, cooling texture. I am very impressed with the ingredients in this product, it is clearly very well formulated, it does slightly lighten the area under the eyes and fights puffiness, I would happily buy the full size to test for longer in the future. My only complaint was that I found it hard to get all of the product out of my sample towards the end of testing, I am assuming the full size would be easier.

Last up we have the Luminous lightening serum, sadly my sample was really too small to report on all the claims this serum makes, however I will say that my skin seemed to react well to it, especially used alongside the other products and I would be interested in testing this longer term. Again the ingredients list is very impressive, lot’s of botanicals such as bearberry turmeric, helychrisum are added. I saw a small reduction in marks on my skin, although some of that I did attribute to natural healing. I think if pigmentation is a concern and you are looking for a natural brand this is one of the most promising formulas I have seen.

My experience with Marie Veronique Advanced has been a good one, some products I certainly would have liked to have tested for longer, so it is a line I will likely revisit. The price points all seem pretty reasonable given the great ingredients and I admire the companies commitment to educating consumers. You can shop internationally at their site Marie Veronique Advanced.

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Ana Green

Written by Ana – A beauty industry professional who is passionate about product and helping people navigate the marketing hype in the beauty industry.